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Spotlighting the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Voice Actors (Part 1)

Suggested by Chynna of Straight from Chynna's Head
Barbara Goodson
Best known as Rita Repulsa. Other than PR, she has provided voices for Robotech, Fraggle Rock (Animated), Spider-Man (1996), Cyborg 009, X, Digimon, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto and many more.

Machiko Soga played the physical Bandora/Rita the first year, Carla Perez took over the physical role in "Return of an Old Friend Part 1" but not on camera until "The Wedding Part 1" all the way under "Countdown to Destruction Part 2" and Julia Cortez played Rita in the movie while Barbara provided the voice. Susan Brady provided the voice of Rita as Mystic Mother in Mystic Force.
she has provided voices for Orbus and Prince Sprocket in Zeo.
She voiced Notacon in Time Force.
She voiced the female half of Mandilok on Wild Force.

Robert Axelrod
61 year-old American Actor from New York is best known as the voice of Lord Zedd.
But he first did the voice of Finster. As for his other work outside PR, he voiced Wizardmon and other Digimon on Digimon, Beetleborgs Metallix, Cowboy Bebop, Spider-Man (1995), Transforms: Robots in Disguise (2001), and Ghost in the Shell 2 (2004).
Goo Fish was only memorable because it was the first monster Mr. Axelrod ever voiced. He also voiced the Two Headed Parrot, Lokar, and Grumble, the Magic Elf. In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, he voiced Mutantrum. He played 'Thin Man' in Power Rangers Time Force.

Kerrigan Mahan

Voiced Goldar for MMPR to Space and the movie and also Jeb for VR Troopers. He played The Original Magna Defender in Lost Galaxy and Chameliacon in Time Force. He provided voices for Family Guy, Team Knight Rider, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, The Chimpunks and Fantastic Four.

Dave Mallow
Under the name Colin Phillips, he played Baboo. He also played monsters Googleheimer, Video Vulture, Hosehead and Midas Monster on Zeo. In VR Troopers, he played Toxoid, Air Stryker, Fistbot and other ones. He voiced the Borgslayer and Shellator in Beetleborgs. He also voiced Termitis and Praying Mantis in Space, Gasser and Magnetox in Lost Galaxy, Trifire in Lightspeed Rescue, Commandocon and Black Knight in Time Force, and Vacuum Cleaner Org, Helicos and Series Announcer/Narrator in Wild Force.
He is also best known as the voice of Angemon on Digimon, he has also voiced MagnaAngemon, Pegasusmon, Chuumon, Gekomon, Shakkakumon, Tsubumon and various others.

Michael Sorich
He voiced Squatt but also played Woody on VR Troopers. He famously played Fidel Castro in "Seinfeld" and "Married With Children." Monsters he voiced were Terror Toad, Pumpkin Rapper, Hate Monster, Magnet Brain, Vampirus, and Crabby Cabbie. In Masked Rider, he voiced Double Face. In VR Troopers, monsters he voice were Slice, Tankatron, Zelton, Decimator, Horrorbot, Spitbot, and others.
In Zeo, he voiced Boohoo the clown, Tough Tusks, and Cog Changer; Shrinkasect and Voltmiester in Turbo; Crocotoxes in Space; Aucitioneer, Teksa, Hardtochoke, and Quake Maker in Lost Galaxy; Bird Bane, Gatekeeper, and Triskull in Lightspeed and Brickneck in Time Force. In Digimon, he played Andromon, Greymon, Elecmon and others.

Wendee Lee
She voiced Scorpina and Stag Beetle in MMPR; Knighttime and Red Python in VR Troopers; Magno in Masked Rider; Impersonator in Zeo; Alpha 6 in Space and Lost Galaxy; and Redeye in Time Force. She has done so muc voice acting after that, I can't mention because there are so many.

Bob Papenbrook
He voiced Rito Revolto. He played Snizzard (In the Wedding) and Saliguana (In the Wedding); Borax, Silo, Punch-A-Bunch in Zeo; Amphead and Aqualungs in Beetleborgs; Amphibitor and Torch Tiger in Turbo; Sting King, Lunatick, and Spikey in Space.
He voiced Shadowborg in Beetleborgs. He played Deviot in Lost Galaxy, Thunderclaw and Fireor in LR, Univolt and Artillicon in TF, and Bell Org in Wild Force. In VR Troopers, he voiced Spitbot, Footbot, Vanbot, and Serpentoid. In Masked Rider, he voiced Edentata, Cyborgator, and Bruitcon. Also voiced Centarumon and others in Digimon, also Cyborg 009, and X.

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston (the father on Malcolm in the Middle and now star of "Breaking Bad") played the voices of not one but two monsters in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He played Snizzard ("Foul Play in the Sky") and Twin Man ("A Bad Reflection On You").

Scott Page-Pagter
If there could be a popular voice actor, then it is Scott Page-Pagter, bext known for his voice. He was the co-producer from 'In Space' to Wild Force, also supervising producer for VR Troopers, Masked Rider, Zeo, Beetleborgs and Turbo.

He voiced Peckster, Oysterizer, Pirantishead, Slippery Shark, Face Stealer and one of the Plague Patrol. He also voiced Forkoid, Renegade, Venobot, Bugbot and The Blade in VR Troopers; Robosect in Masked Rider; Fortissimodo in Zeo; Wolfgang in Beetleborgs; and Porto in Turbo.

Suggested by Chynna of Straight from Chynna's Head

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