Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poll Results: Aka Red/Big One/Ninja Black/Episode 3 Anticipation

Do you think Mao Ichimichi (Luka Milfy) is of some Caucasian decent?
117 (41%)
28 (9%)
136 (48%)

Do you count the Gokaiger as Black, Red, and Navy Rangers with skirts as official female rangers of those colors?
133 (51%)
No, don't count
54 (20%)
No, not the same
45 (17%)
Don't Understand Q
49 (18%)

What do you think about AkaRed's cameo in Gokaiger?
Cool 242 (78%)
Strange 34 (11%)
Want More 108 (35%)
Don't Care 19 (6%)

Do you like that a male Gokaiger will become Big One in Ep 3?
250 (91%)
22 (8%)
(GokaiBlue did)

In Ep 3 of Gokaiger, what do you think of Ninja Black with a skirt?
236 (86%)
Not Cool
43 (15%)

Are you excited about Gokaiger Ep 3?
Very much!
261 (92%)
Kind Of
16 (5%)
Not Really
9 (3%)
Not Sure
9 (3%)


Anonymous said...

Ep. 3 did not disappoint. Anyone else thought that Salamandamn looked a bit like Jagi from Hokuto no Ken?

Mark said...

It's very likely they actively searched for a Eurasian actress for Gokaiger. After all, most of the early Sentai women were Eurasian.

Luca said...

I LOVE AkaRed! I am so glad he was in that episode! HE'S AWESOME!!!

lizzy said...

Oh no! Ninja Black with the skirt???

It's funny but cool!

I like Ninja Black in Kakuranger...

so Gokai Yellow did it!!!