Friday, February 4, 2011

Possible 7th hero Extra Hero that becomes Extra Heroes?

 (This was written in February 2011, before the Extra Hero Keys appeared)
Now that it has been established that the sixth Gokaiger is Gokai SILVER and that his henshin device includes the faces of 15 past 'sixth rangers' such as Dragon Ranger, Kibaranger, King Ranger, Mega Silver, Time Fire, Gao Silver, Shurikenger, Abare Killer, Deka Break, Magi Shine, Bouken Silver, Go-On Gold, Go-On Silver, Shinken Gold and Gosei Knight.

34 Past Red + 33 Past Heroes for Green + 32 Past Heroes for Pink + 34 Past Blue + 34 Past Yellow = 167 + 15 'Sixth Rangers' = 182 Past Heroes; they said 200 past heroes. If they count the Gokaiger, 182 + 6 Gokaiger = 188 (oops!).

18 heroes that could be counted that does not include Gokaiger to be 200.
1. Magne Senshi
2. Mask X-1
3. Ninjaman
4. Gunmajin
5. Singalman
6. VRV Master
7. Bull Black
8. Demon Hunter Seig (or Seig-Jenne)
9. Abare Pink (Since Pink didn't get to be AbareKiller, maybe as a joke she'll become Abare Pink--the suit Emire made)
10. Deka Master
11. Deka Swan
12. Deka Bright
13. MagiMother
14. Wolzard Fire
15. Zuuban
16. Rio (or Aka Red)
17. Mele (or Deka Gold)
18. Female Shinken Red
19. Gosei Green

I also think there could a 7th hero, an Extra Hero who becomes past extra heroes, maybe it excludes Deka Swan, Deka Bright, MagiMother, Magne and Mask X-1 and just the heavy armored ranger-like extra heroes like Ninjaman, Gunmajin, Singalman, VRV Master, Bull Black, Demon Hunter Seig, Wolzard Fire and Zuuban (9). Or maybe Demon Hunter Seig will not be included. I know people love Rio and Mele, but most likely they are counted as villains. If the villains do not become past villains, then maybe the Gokaiger in some form will become them.

1. Ninjaman
2. Gunmajin

3. Singalman
4. VRV Master
5. Bull Black
6. Demon Hunter Seig
7. Deka Master
8. Wolzard Fire
9. Zuuban

The following are most likely not to be included:
1. Magne Senshi
Because he appeared in only 1 episode (character in 2) and has not been spotlighted in the 30th Encyclopedia for Boukenger or the books (just in monsters).
10% chance to appear.
2. Mask X-1
He only appeared in 1 episode, but he was highlighted for sixth ranger in the 30th Encyclopedia for Boukenger.
50% chance to appear.
3. Demon Hunter Seig
He only appeared in a movie, not mentioned in Boukenger's 30th Encyclopedia.
40% chance to appear.
4. Deka Gold
Very very briefly appeared in movie, no merchandise and maybe not even really counts.
12% chance to appear.
5. Aka Red
Only appear in teamup special, he might appear on the show by rumors and it has now be confirmed that he will appear in the first episode of Gokaiger.
40% chance to appear.
6. Rio
More counted as villain.
50% chance to appear.
7. Mele
More counted as villain.
50% chance to appear.
8. Female Shinken Red
Could be counted as Goukai Pink turning into a skirted MagiRed and Goukai Yellow into a skirted GekiRed, so mabe one of the females will become Shinken Red.
50% chance to appear.
9. Gosei Green
We never saw his helmet, he barely barely appeared in a flashback. Chances are slim.
12% chance to appear.


Anonymous said...

I think they might be other sixth warrior/extra hero prototypes besides X-1 Mask and Magne Senshi. Dan the Alien Birdman from Jetman could be considered one as well, since he did fought alongside the team. There's also Titan the Hero from Flashman, the guy who entrusts Flash Titan to the team.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot about Commander Ibuki/Yui Ibuki from Changeman.

C. Bohn said...

The Gokaiger press release did say "200 past heroes," but it didn't say that the Gokaiger could transform into 200 past heroes. The likes of Gunmajin and Zuuban need only to show up onscreen in Gokaiger to count toward the final tally promised.

Anonymous said...

"If they count the Gokaiger, 182 + 6 Gokaiger = 190."

You may want to check your math...

James Spiring said...

Toru Furuya is AkaRed, Tomokazu Seki is Gokaiger's narrator. Not the same person.

Lavender Ranger said...

thanks James

Anonymous said...

forget the fact that the numbers don't add up, there is a better piece of information to lend suppor to this 7th ranger theory. The gokaisaber itself. On the back of the toy box it shows that it has 7 LEDs of different colors. 7 colors for 7 rangers.

chox halliwell said...

34 red + 34 blue + 32 yellow + 16 green + 26 pink + 7 white + 17 black + 1 violet + 15 sixth + 10 extra + 1 aka red + 6 gokaiger = 199

200 right so 1 is yet to reveal???

solved??? ^_^

lionel_B said...

it does not matter, but I think a Magne Senshi' Ranger Key would have been more likely to appear than DekaGold or GoseiGreen.