Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gokaiger Stageshows

These are from various stageshows from various blogs and websites in Japanese. Some have a date and some didn't, so if you don't see the date it is because I don't know. Some pics I don't know what site I got it from either.

Go-On Blue, Yellow Racer, GingaPink, Shishiranger and VulEagle.

In May stageshow, MagiPink, DekaGreen, GaoRed, BoukenBlue and GekiYellow

I don't know who the purple/white chick is.

Fighting some stage-exclusive villains.

They also did this one in April, GokaiPink as DekaRed, GokaiGreen as MagiRed, Gokai Red as ChangeDragon, GokaiBlue as GingaRed and Gokai Yellow as Shinken Red.

In June stageshow, GokaiGreen as GekiRed, Gokai Pink as Shinken Red, GokaiYellow as Go-On Red and Gokai Blue as Gosei Red. I made a mistake, Pink was Shinken Red and Yellow was Go-On. I'm obsessed with seeing a female Go-On Red from the stageshows, I've been searching and searching through the internet, I can only find female DekaRed and female Shinken Red--which is great but still.
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Anonymous said...

go on red girl keep that as a gender change

C-Bass said...

ok, the june roadshow rangers, i liked, but i would've preferred this:
Gokaiblue-Geki Red
Gokaiyellow-Go-on Red
Gokaigreen-Gosei Red

Luca said...

Lately I've been watching stageshows. (well... KR, not Sentai). Just to see those beautifully intricate costumes in real life is absolutely DIVINE!!!!!!!! I'M ALMOST NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!

Mugen said...

Is this just me or does the stageshow Version of GokaiYellow seems to be addicteed to turn into ShinkenRed?

Also, one of the Exclusive Villians reminds me of Skullman ( the one that would inspire Kamen Rider, not all those other guys with that name )

And the Robot-like Chick reminds me of Drossel von Flügel from the CGI Anime Fireball. ( which is a coproduction between Toei and Disney )

Also Crossover with OOO! That is awesome.

Dessa said...

Well, if the stage shows are any indication, looks like the Shinken Red keys aren't gender locked, like some people speculated on TV tropes.

Mr. Yellow said...

Interesting how the stage shows show even more skirted/non-skirted suits. I'm sure many people would be interested to see that.

Anonymous said...

you spelled changeman twice on one of the description

Anonymous said...

The white/purple chick looks like those aliens that helped out Ozora/Change Pegasus in that episode in Changeman.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks that these monsters look kinda like mashed up left-overs of of other one's?

Unknown said...

Is the Gokaiger may stage show if so let me know cause I want to watch it