Saturday, August 6, 2011

Next Week Gokaiger Episode 25

Hurricanger are back, Yousuke seems happy about it, or am I misjudging the leather pants.

It seems Gai will go over teams they have powers from and others they don't.

It seems Marvelous, Joe and Luka are paying tribute to other teams that started with Red, Yellow and Blue with Liveman and Abaranger. I wouldn't put it past them to become Sun Vulcan as well.

Abaranger and Liveman

Furai Maru


Douglas said...

cool a SS history lesson.

Anonymous said...

There's also, for later seasons, Gekiranger (they almost never used those) and Go-Onger (I guess they count as three at first).

Lavender Ranger said...

Ah yes, Gekiranger and Go-Onger.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't wait for an SS lesson from Gai Sensei's!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gai, I heard from a somewhat reputable source that Gai from Jetman will make an appearance on Gokaiger. Is this true?

On a related note, Gai apparently copies Dekaranger's normal henshin in the Flying Ship movie.

Luca said...

The Hurricanger outfits look SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silver looks like he's trying to cosplay Tsukasa Kadoya / Decade.

Lavender Ranger said...

Luca, I dunno about Gai trying to look like Tsukasa, it's probably because of the pink.