Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Stars for possible Gokaiger adaption?

 UPDATED 9/12/11
They don't necessarily have to get these actors, they an get other colors depending on the schedules of the Power Ranger actors (since we don't see most of these transformed) or if they can ship them to New Zealand. Most likely they will do Red Rangers since Red is like the representative of both franchises. I just thought it would be fun.

Atsushi Hashimoto appeared as Kai Ozu/MagiRed on Episode Three of Gokaiger. Firass Dirani played Nick on Mystic Force and I don't know where he is right now, but he is from Australia so depending on his schedule, it might be available for an episode.

Ban/Deka Red appeared in Episode 5 and we also saw Doggy Krueger and Deka Yellow, they don;'t necessarily have to get them and it also depends if those actors (John Tui and Monica May) are free. was a character-development episode. Brandon Jay McLaren (Jake) is from Canada and so are Matt Austin (Bridge) and Chris Violette (Sky) and it depends on their schedules, they can get either one of them since they are set in the future and they can get anyone from the future.

Jan/GekiRed appeared in Episode 7, Jason Smith is from Australia so it might be easy to get him back. Jan had a martial art training class, Casey could have the same.

Kaneko Noboru/GaoRed appeared in Episode 9 and they shipped Rick Medina Jr. to New Zealand to be Deker for Samurai, so I'm sure he can be around for Cole. Fans might be like, oh won't people get confused? but in reality, they could just change his hair and get him in his old jacket and it'll be fine. Gao Red had become a veterinarian and I guess Cole could be too. The Gokaiger had to find Anamaria and I am sure the Power Rangers can too.

Karou Shiba/Shinken Red in Episodes 11 and 12, they don't have to get the female Red Ranger (Kimberely Crossman of Samurai) and they could get Alex Heartman back.

Episode 14 featured Red Racer of Carranger, T.J. is in America, they would have to ship him to New Zealand. They could use Tommy but maybe for another episode. And it doesn't have to be Red, since we don't see him transform, they could easily get Justin (Blake Foster). I am sure fans would want Blake Foster for a Turbo episode. Rumors are that Saban has contacted Blake to guest on Power Rangers Samurai.

Episode 18 had Mikoto/AbareKiller appeared in a flashback along with in-suit Dragonranger and TimeFire who didn't speak. Since the counterparts White Ranger, Green Ranger and Qunatum Ranger aren't dead, they might have to change the story. Jeffrey P. (Trent) is from Canada, so they would have to fly him over too. They can't use the footage of Mikoto with the two in-suit Rangers, because of Mikoto and Gai but they could recreate it. They could bring Tommy (Jason David Frank) in and have White and Quantum in suits or a big get would be all three actors, two in United States (Daniel Southworth/Quantum) and one in Canada. I realize they need one of the three because of the Sixth Ranger Keys. they can't use say Wes of Time Force because he isn't a 'Sixth' Ranger but Mikoto and Trent weren't technically sixth, but the sake of this whole thing, yes.

Episode 20 had not only GingaRed but Kuro Kishi/Hyuga. Word is that Danny Salvin/Red Lost Galaxy Ranger has stopped acting, so he might not want to do it. But they could get someone else or just leave in with Mike. The Gingaman are from the Ginga Forest, the Gokaiger had to go near there, but in the PR universe, Lost Galaxy are from way distant space. The new Rangers could either travel to Mirinoi or Leo and Mike can go to them.

Hyuga was the main focus of the episode, they could get Matthew Lawrence, who is American and they can have you travel from US to New Zealand.

Episode 21 had Akashi/Bouken Red, since Mac/Red from Operation Overdrive is from Australia, they could easily get him. In Gokaiger, Akashi already gave them the powers in the 199 movie but most likely they will make the episode footage about the new Rangers earning the power from Mac after defeating a reincarnated Moltor.

In Episode 23, we saw GoPink, in following tradition, they could get Dana/Lightspeed Pink. They would have to get her to travel. Go Pink is a ambulance nurse and last we saw Dana, she was a nurse so it goes hand and hand.

Episode 25 of Gokaiger features the three Hurricanger transforming, so the producers would have to get all 3 Ninja Storm actors or skip the two episodes. They all reside in New Zealand and Australia, so it might be easy to get them.

 Gai/Black Condor from Jetman appears in Episode 28, Jetman was not adapted into Power Rangers---it was actually the series that aired before Zyuranger, the one that became MMPR. If the producers don't plan to use the non-PR adapted Sentai, they can just skip this episode, even though this is a beloved one from Sentai fans all over the world. And if they do choose to use it, they can get any new actor. Anyway, it is not uncommon for Power Ranger producers to skip Sentai episodes.

 In Episode 29, we see AbareBlue and Emri a.k.a. AbarePink, but since there was no AbarePink in Power Rangers, I guess they can get Ethan, Blue Dino Ranger. Ethan's actor is North American so they would have to ship him over. Abare Blue came in to tell the Gokaiger of a power that AbareKiller didn't mention to combine both of their robots. Ethan can do the same. They might have to cut out the AbarePink stuff since it didn't exist in Dino Thunder (it existed in SPD).

Episode 30 has Yellow Lion of Liveman, they can either skip the episode or use some of the footage, sans the Liveman stuff (which may be hard because the rangers not only become Liveman but also Denjiman). 

In Episode 31, we are to expect OhPink and OhRed. I don't think fans want Tommy for Red Zeo Ranger but we never know. They could bring both Tommy and Kat. Kat currently resides in the United States but she is from Australia, so I think she would be open to go to New Zealand, depending on her schedule.

 Episode 35 will have Sosuke/Go-On Red because the Mechafalcon and since they had a RPM-Samurai teamup in November 2011, they claimed the Ranger Red voice was someone else but fans are sure it is Eka Derville (above) so I am sure htye can get him back.

Most Super Sentai series are 50 episodes long, so most likely Gokaiger will be too. Most Power Rangers seasons have been less than 40 and even if more than that, they skip many Sentai episodes. Samurai for example have already skipped 5 episodes. So skipping episodes of Old Sentai (28, 30) can be doable. I also see them skipping 8 (Spy monsters), 10 (Blue & Yellow card game), 13 (Pink kidnapped), 22 (shooting star promise) and 24 (Jellishito returns).


Anonymous said...

Will you uload the original pic of the helmetless pink lightspped rescue ranger? please...

Douglas said...

i see that when it's adapted they won't limit themselves with the legends unless there's in suit shots of the rangers like the Hurricanes. i could easily see them mixing it up by haveing some of each color since i doubt all the reds would want to return. for the Turbo tribute they could easily bring Blue/Justin in since the actor very much wants to come back. they could easily use a more complex ranger for the tributes since some reds are snore fests or one track records on repeat.

BeatFish said...

Exactly, the show will have to work around the alumni who are available to return. So the Gokaiger adaptation will probably be a good deal different from it's source material.

Or maybe not, if you think about it, any of the Magirangers could have done what Kai did in his episode. There wouldn't be as great of an impact, but it would've still worked.

Since Gokaiger obviously isn't limiting itself to only letting Reds give out Grand Powers I don't see why PR wouldn't fall suit. So even when they're just gonna copypasta a Gokaiger episode they could pretty easily switch out any ranger as long as its on that team.

Personally, I'd like to see Madison come back for the MF tribute. She was the only character I could really stomach from that show. Plus she'd actually get to do something!

I mean, the Gokaiger adaptation could be kind of a second chance for underutilized characters. Probably not, but a guy can dream I guess.

tl;dr Is that the show and scripts will probably just work around who they can get to come back.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could discuss how'd they do plot-wise. How they could change the story or stay the same/just make it similar. :)

You know, like Magiranger and Mystic Force had different endings for their reds, as well as themes. However, they have to do Mystic Force very early because of MagiDragon.

Carranger and PR Turbo are quite different, so how might their story be?

At the end of Overdrive, Mack became an adventurer, so the story from the Boukenger episode would fit.

Lavender Ranger said...

They could easily change the characters/colors. They don't have to get all Reds. Like Douglas said, they could get Justin for Turbo. And it doesn't have to be the same story line. For the Turbo episode, it could be that they need a car to be fixed or be tracked down or mistrusted since they are pirates and Divatox was a pirate.

Also, if they do a Justin episode, maybe they could deal with a boy wanting to be a hero.