Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shinkenger's Tori Matsuzaka Revealing in Photo Book

Tori Matsuzaka (Takeru) of Shinkenger will be releasing this October a new photobook, which has his first nude photo (above) "I pictured the photographer as my lover," the 22-year-old Matsuzaka told Sanspo, "and I got into it like you would for a film shoot." This information first discovered on Kotaku (link below). I'll find new pics when I can. This is not the first time a former Super Sentai actor appears sans clothes, and it was Tetsuji Tamayama (GaoSilver) did porn (which to me was mild because you only see woman's chest, you don't see his full frontal or behind). Many villainesses have done porn and I already mentioned this in old posts, look them up, I'm not going to do that anymore.


Anonymous said...

i have a question about something like this would you be willing to show a full frontal naked pic of any sentai member or ranger on your site

Lavender Ranger said...

If I still had Caramelitos Varoniles, i'd put it there. I suppose i'd link to it and say it is adult content.

Anonymous said...

look he did more than porn oh do a post on sentai male nudes please