Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poll Results: Which power form you like the most?

Which form of Tommy's did you like most? 
  174 (57%)
  113 (37%)
Zeo One
  81 (26%)
Red Turbo
  40 (13%)
Black Dino
  93 (30%)

Which form of Adam's did you like the most?
MMPR Black
  171 (58%)
Zeo Four
  129 (44%)
Green Turbo
  45 (15%)

Which form of Kat's did you like the most? 
  67 (25%)
Zeo One
  190 (70%)
Pink Turbo
  54 (20%)

Which forms of Rocky's did you like most? 
  73 (26%)
Zeo Three
  204 (73%)

Which form of Jason's did you like the most? 
  209 (73%)
  76 (26%)

Which forms of Cassie did you like the most? 
Pink Turbo
  43 (16%)
Pink Space
  214 (83%)

Which form of Ashley's did you like the most? 
Yellow Turbo
  39 (15%)
Yellow Space
  206 (84%)

Which form of TJ's did you like most? 
Red Turbo
  161 (66%)
Blue Space
  82 (33%)

Which forms of Carlos' did you like most?
Green Turbo
  52 (21%)
Black Space
  189 (78%)

Interesting, it looks like most people like remembering Carlos, Cassie and Ashley as Space Rangers. And Since people see Jason as MMPR Red, they see Rocky as Zeo Blue. And if most people like Kat as Zeo Pink, I can assume people like Kim as MMPR Pink. I think the reason Adam is remembered as MMPR Black is because of "Once A Ranger" and that inSpace episode.


henshin0 said...

once a ranger, always a chance! (those titles go together well like michelle and ma belle)

ps, the earlier deleted comment was a draft i accidentally submitted

Anonymous said...

TJ was Blue Space Ranger, not Red Space Ranger.