Monday, January 9, 2012

Toei shooting footage for Power Rangers and Visa Versa

UPDATED 10/16/16 6PM EST
'Zyu 2'
What fans refer to 'Zyuranger 2' (pronounced as Juu-Ranger) was footage made by Toei for Saban Entertainment and it was used for Season 1 and Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. New animal-themed monsters were made by Rainbow productions and they were also used in American footage to film with the American actors. Concepts like Green's relationship with Pink and Blue Ranger's intelligence were incorporated in the footage. Stuff that never happened in Zyuranger was putty patrollers becoming mutant rangers, Black Ranger getting the shield and the Megazord underwater.

Disney shot footage for the opening of Magiranger in New Zealand in 2005 back when they were shooting SPD. My inside source (which no longer in contact with) told me they shot footage for the episodes but I've seen every ep of Magiranger and nothing matches the trees or locals of New Zealand.

Disney shot footage for the opening of Gekiranger in New Zealand in 2007 when they were shooting Operation Overdrive. They only shot the main three Gekiranger and they only shot for the opening theme. The reason for shooting in New Zealand might be fancy scenery that Japan doesn't have.

Did not happen: (Toei did not film any new footage for them, Saban did but missed a lot of Rangers)
Power Rangers 20th Anniversary 'Legend War'
Word is from Hyper Hobby magazine interview that Toei will be shooting the Legend War special footage for the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary and with less Rangers (cutting out pre-Zyuranger teams). And hopefully adding some non-sentai Rangers like Titanium Ranger, Phantom Ranger and the Spirit Rangers. I doubt the Phantom Ranger will be remembered but we'll see. Because so many writers have worked under Power Rangers and they are not all aware of all the characters and some just forget. A reader did bring up a good point that Phantom Ranger can take the place of AkaRed, since AkaRed has the 30th logo on his chest and they would have to reshot footage but anyway he has so very little footage. Phantom Ranger was rumored to be the spirit of past rangers so this could work. I doubt Haim Saban can name them all on the top of his head. 


LUKE said...

"I doubt the Phantom Ranegr will be remembered"

When I read this line, what come into my mind is that Saban might reveal who is the man behind Phantom Ranger, since they never reveal before =D

Lavender Ranger said...

Sorry to crush dreams. I didn't mean to do so. Don't Listen to me. I'm crazy.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, about Magiranger in new zealand, my guesses that they did were because some of the actors in that episode seemed to be of new zealand descent, like the balloon lady and the old man that said bravo to kai