Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Go-Busters and Akibaranger Suit actors

I haven't updated the stunt section in Supersentai.com because there are some code stuff Mike (my co-webmaster DekaMaster) has to do and it is under construction (hence no link), also the reason Gokaiger section hasn't been updated yet. There is stuff he has to fix before I can update it.

 Red Buster: Yoshifumi Oshikawa 
For the first time, he plays a Red Ranger. It surprises me. Maybe Hirofumi Fukuzawa needed a break from Gokaiger. is 182 cm & Kyousuke Hamao is 176 cm tall. Yoshifumi has played the last two Blue, Go-On Blue, Shinken Blue, Gosei Black and Gokai Blue. He originally played Kamen Riders, starting with Kamen Rider Gills. He was rumored to play G3 and Ixa in Kamen Rider Decade.
Blue Buster: Yasuhiro Takeuchi 
Yasuhiro Takeuchi has played a lot of different characters, his first major stunt role was DraftKeace in Exceedraft, then a little bit of the Dragonranger, Grey Swat and then 6 Blue Rangers, 5 Green Rangers (Gokai Green), 2 Yellow Rangers, 1 Red Ranger (Gosei Red) and Smoky from Magiranger. 

 Yellow Buster: Yuichi Hachisuka 
Yuuichi Hachisuka has played female characters since Changeman (1985). He has played five Pink Rangers (including Pink Turbo and Gosei Pink). Has played three male rangers, Ginga Yellow, Go Yellow and Time Green. He played DekaBright, MagiMother, Mele, and Gokai Yellow.

 Cheeda Nick: Kosuke Asai
 No picture, he played Basco's true form.
Gorisaki Banana: Jiro Okamoto
He played MagiShine, Shinken Gold, Gosei Knight, Barizorg, various big villains and various Kamen Riders (Ohja, Ryuga, Odin, Leangle, Den-O Ax Form, Black, Black RX, Shin, ZO and J.

Akibaranger (unknown which colors):
Sanshiro Wada - Sazer X (monsters), Ultraman Möbius, Wecker Sigma (Orion), Garo Makaisenki (Zero)

Haruka Oshima - her blog, she was borin 1991.

Fusaya Fujita - according to this page she was in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, her blog also says she was in Garo but doesn't specify a role

Tomohiko Akiyama - Power Rangers Time Force (Pink Ranger), Power Rangers Wild Force (Yellow Eagle), Power Rangers Ninja Storm (Navy Thunder), Ryukendo (Ryukendo), Kamen Rider THE NEXT (Rider-2, Shocker Rider)

Hiroshi Maeda - He was TyrannoRanger and every Red Power Ranger from MMPR Season 2 to Ninja Storm. He was also in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

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