Friday, May 4, 2012

Power Rangers Multi-Part Episodes and Story Arcs

I am missing some and need help with Samurai. Covering not only the two-parters and other mutli-parters but episode-spanning story arcs that took place through single episodes. This spanned from
 MMPR Season 1: 
Green with Evil five-parter: 5 Episodes
Island of Illusion two-parter: 2 Episodes
The Green Candle two-parter: 2 Episodes
Doomsday two-parter: 2 Episodes
Return of an Old Friend two-parter: 2 Episodes

MMPR Season 2: 
The Mutiny Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
Green No More Two-parter: 2 Episodes
White Light Two-parter: 2 Episodes
The Ninja Encounter three-parter: 3 Episodes
Power Transfer two-parter: 2 Episodes 
Rangers Back in Time Two-parter: 2 Episodes
The Wedding Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
Return of the Green Ranger Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
Storybook Rangers Two-parter: 2 Episodes
Wild West Rangers Two-parter: 2 Episodes

MMPR Season 3: 
A Friend in Need Three-Parter: 3 Episodes 
Ninja Quest Four-Parter: 4 Episodes
Stop the Hate Master two-parter: 2 Episodes 
Changing of the Zords Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
A Different Shade of Pink Three-Parter: 3 Episodes 
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
Alien Rangers of Aquitar: 10 Episodes

A Zeo Beginning Two-parter: 2 Episodes
Inner Spirit-Brother Can You Spare An Arrowhead: 4 Episodes
There's No Business Like Snow Business
The Power Of Gold-A Golden Homecoming: 7 Episodes
Bomber In The Summer-The Joke's On Blue (Louie Kaboom): 6 Episodes
King for a Day Two-parter: 2 Episodes
 Rangers of Two Worlds Two-parter: 2 Episodes
 Shift into Turbo: 3 Episodes
 Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: 2 Episodes
 Passing the Torch: 2 Episodes
The Darkest Day-Clash Of The Megazords: 4 Episodes
Chase into Space: 2 Episodes

 In Space: 
 From Out of Nowhere: 2 Episodes
The Secret Of The Locket-Dark Spector's Revenge: 5 Episodes
Rangers Gone Physco-The Enemy Within: 6 Episodes
 Lost Galaxy:
 The Return Of The Magna Defender-Redemption Day: 7 Episodes
Enter The Lost Galaxy-Escape The Lost Galaxy: 8 Episodes 

Lightspeed Rescue:
From Deep in the Shadows-The Queen Returns: 9 Episodes
Trakeena's Revenge: 2 Episodes
The Fate of Lightspeed: 2 Episodes

Time Force:
  Force From the Future Two-parter: 2 Episodes
Clash for Control  Two-parter: 2 Episodes
Movie Madness Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
 Dawn of Destiny / Fight Against Fate / Destiny Defeated : 3 Episodes
The End of Time  Three-parter: 3 Episodes

Wild Force:
 Curse of the Wolf - The Lone Wolf: 7 episodes
 Homecoming - Soul of Humanity: 6 episode arc. 
Taming of the Zords - Soul of Humanity was a continuous arc.

Ninja Storm:
 Thunder Strangers Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
Return of Thunder Four-Parter: 4 Episodes
Samurai's Journey Three-Parter: 3 Episodes

Dino Thunder:
 White Thunder Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
White Thunder to Copy that: 11 episodes

Beginnings: 2 Episodes
Shadow Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
Wired Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
Messenger Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
Reflection Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
S.W.A.T. Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
Endings Two-Parter: 2 Episodes
Mystic Force: 
Broken Spell: 2 Episodes
Stranger Within: 2 Episodes
The Gatekeeper : 2 Episodes
Dark Wish Three-Parter: 3 Episodes
Heir Apparent: 2 Episodes
Light Source: 2 Episodes
Mystic Fate : 2 Episodes

Operation Overdrive:
 Face to Face Two-parter: 2 Episodes
Man of Mercury Two-parter: 2 Episodes
Once A Ranger: 2 Episodes

 The Road to Corinth / Fade to Black / Rain: 3 Episodes
Ranger Yellow: 2 Episodes
Embodied / Ghosts / In Or Out: 3 Episodes
Key to the Past / Beyond a Doubt / Control Alt Delete: 3 Episodes


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'd argue that RPM's Road to Corinth/Fade to Black/Rain was a three parter. Each episode's conclusion ties directly into the next and together forms an arc about Dillon becoming the Black Ranger.

RPM also had "Ranger Yellow" and "Danger and Destiny", both were two part episodes.

Anon e Mouse Jr. said...

Counting only the official multi-parters (that is, episodes that signify they're multi-parters in the titles), you're still missing quite a few:

MMPRS3: "A Ranger Catastrophe" (2 episodes)
In Space: "Countdown To Destruction" (2 episodes)
Lost Galaxy: "Quasar Quest" (2 episodes)
"The Lost Galactabeasts" (2 episodes)
"Journey's End" (3 episodes)
Wild Force: "Reinforcements from the Future" (2 episodes)
"The Master's Herald" (2 episodes)
"The End of the Power Rangers" (2 episodes)
"Shane's Karma" (2 episodes)
"Shimazu Returns" (2 episodes)
"General Deception" (2 episodes)
"Storm Before the Calm" (2 episodes)
Dino Thunder: "Day of the Dino" (2 episodes)
"Thunder Storm" (2 episodes)
"Thunder Struck" (2 episodes)
S.P.D.: "Beginnings" (2 episodes)
"Sam" (2 episodes)
"Shadow" (2 episodes)
"Wired" (2 episodes)
"Messenger" (2 episodes)
"Reflection" (2 episodes)
"S.W.A.T." (2 episodes)
"Endings" (2 episodes)
Operation Overdrive: "Kick Into Overdrive" (2 episodes)
"Once a Ranger" (2 episodes)
"Ronny on Empty" (2 episodes)
"Home and Away" (2 episodes)
Jungle Fury: "Welcome to the Jungle" (2 episodes)
"Ghost of a Chance" (2 episodes)
R.P.M.: "Danger and Destiny" (2 episodes)
Samurai: "Origins" (2 episodes)

James Spiring said...

The End of Time was actually a three-parter, not a two-parter.