Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MegaBloks reveals graphics for Power Ranger Samurai Blinkpack 2

MegaBloks revealed on their Twitter the package art for their second set of Power Rangers Samurai that boasts 10 figures. Even for the first pack that has been around 7 months or so, we haven't really figured out who was the ninth mystery figure. The package has the Blue Samurai Ranger's helmet, opposed to the Red Ranger helmet in the first pack. It boasts nine figures: Red Ranger, Blue Mega, Translucent Super Blue, Super Green, Training Yellow, Gold Ranger, Translucent Mega Red, Translucent Mooger, and Bulk. 

Yellow circles the Super Blue Ranger I believe.

The Ninth figure of the first pack could be Gold Ranger with darker blue shade with the original Gold. A10012WW is the UPC code. It has been confirmed it is Pink Ranger Samurai Mode!

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