Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Poll: Name for the Megaforce Megazord

I'm doing a new poll, what names would you want? best ones get picked. We all agree it shouldn't just be 'Mega Megazord' or 'Megaforce Megazord.' Submissions end July 17. Poll goes up July 17.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

What with the launching Headers I'm going with "Missile Mode Megazord".

ZeroFlame16 said...

SkyKing Megazord

Xenothrope said...

Totem Megazord

Unknown said...

I would liek to second ZeroFlame16's suggestion. I like the ring of "SkyKing MegaZord" very much!

Unknown said...

Obviously it should be called the "Headmaster Megazord".

SL said...

Guardian Megazord

Unknown said...

Gosei Great: Guardian Megazord, or Elemental Megazord
Seaick brothers: Sea(ick) Slash Megazord
Landick Brothers: Land(ick)
Skyic Brothers: Sky(o Soar Megazord
Hyper Datas: Tensou Warrior mode
All brothers plus Datas: Grand (Element or Guardian) Megazord (or Ultrazord)
GoseiGroud: Knightic Megazord
Goseiground+ Gosei great: Guardian knight Mega (ultra) Zord
Gosei Ultimate: Guardian or Elementail Ultrazord