Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kyoryuger Rumors and Spoilers

So the newest rumors from Dukemon22 is that the Kyoryuger is about primitive animals, not actual dinosaurs. Kyoryu means Dinosaur (or literally 'giant dragon') so it is pretty curious. The animals sound TOO good, so maybe they aren't true. Take these with a grain of salt.

The Kyoryuuger drive robos called "Jyuden Genshijyu" (Beast Electric Atom Beasts). Genshijyu" means Primitive Beasts. 

KyoryuuRed has the "Jyuden GigaKong" a giant ape type mecha, with rock-like plating. GigaKong is named after the Gigantopithecus:

 KyoryuuGreen has the "Jyuden Ootsunojika" a deer-type mecha, named for Megaloceros:

 KyoryuuBlue has the "Jyuden Andrewsarchus" a hyena-type mecha, named for Andrewsarchus:

KyoryuuPink has the "Jyuden Glyptodon" an armadillo-type mecha, named for the Glyptodon: 

KyoryuuYellow will control the "Jyuden  Shisochou" an archeopteryx-type mecha, named for the Archaeopteryx:
Henshin Device:

The Kyoryuuger will henshin with the tentatively-titled, "Kyoryuu Smaho" (Kyoryuu Smartphone)


Thetruebigboss said...

Hope these turn out to be true the mecha would be look awesome plus it'd be interesting to see if they go same helmet route as they did for the roughly 20th anniversary of Zyuranger

Unknown said...

I'd Love to have this season feature the first male yellow ranger after magiranger, and it would be much better if there is only one female since gaoranger