Thursday, January 24, 2013

CCG cards in the Gosei Morpher

I am waiting for the ACG cards to come out and for me to have sufficient money, so I have been putting my old 2008 CCG (Collecting Card Game)--which is the American equivalent of Ranger Strike, the 2006-2008 Japanese collecting card game.  Anyway, I put them in the Gosei Morpher and they activate sounds. Other people have been printing out custom cards but I am having ink problems with my printer so I rather use these cards. Sometimes the cards don't work or activate another sound. A common sound to be heard is "Operation Overdrive Yellow," "Super Samurai Blue," "Jungle Fury Blue Power Up, and "Lost Galaxy Megazord." Fury Diamond of Ranger Crew tried some as well and got different reactions than me. 

001 Flit = Operation Overdrive Megazord or Operation Overdrive Pink 
[Fury Diamond doesn't have this one listed as having sounds]
002 Purple Wolf Zord = Jungle Fury Blue Power Up 
[Fury Diamond got Operation Overdrive Black instead]
003 Wolf Ranger = Lost Galaxy Megazord

004  Rhino Ranger = Wild Force
 [Fury Diamond doesn't have this one listed as having sounds]
006 Camile = Lost Galaxy Megazord
007 Jungle Pride Megazord = Megaforce Red 
[Fury Diamond also got Go Go Megaforce]
008 Red Tiger Zord = RPM, Super Samurai Red 
[Fury Diamond got Operation Overdrive Yellow Power Up instead]
010 Blue Jaguar Zord = Samurai Blue, RPM Green, Jungle Fury
 [Fury Diamond got Time Force Ranger, Operation Overdrive Red instead of what I got]
012 Power Up Yellow Cheetah Ranger = Lightspeed Rescue Red
013 Power-Up Blue Ranger = Mystic Force Yellow Power Up, Turbo Pink
[Fury Diamond also got Mighty Morphin, he didn't get Turbo Pink]

014 SPD Red Swat card = RPM yellow, Jungle Fury Blue Power Up, Time Force Ranger (Quantum)
 016 Tiger Ranger = Operation Overdrive Yellow, Wild Force
 [Fury Diamond got sounds out of the other Tiger Ranger card (19) but I did not.]

018 Shiny Cheetah Ranger card = Zeo Pink, Samurai Pink, Jungle Fury Megazord, Zeo Blue, Jungle Fury Blue Power Up 
[Fury Diamond doesn't have this one listed as having sounds]
022 Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord = Zeo Yellow, SPD Green Power Up, Dino Thunder Megazord, Mystic Force Pink Power Up  
[Fury Diamond got Samurai Blue, RPM Black, Super Samurai Blue instead of those I got]
036 Delta Runner 3 = Ninja Storm Green RPM Blue and Super Samurai Blue
[Fury Diamond got those but also Super Samurai Pink, Operation Overdrive Black]
037 Delta Runner 4 = Operation Overdrive Red Power Up
[Fury Dimaond has Operation Overdrive Yellow, Operation Overdrive Black instead]
038 Delta Runner 5 card = Operation Overdrive Yellow 
[Fury Diamond doesn't have this one listed as having sounds]

039 Delta Command Crawler = RPM Green and Victory Charge
 [Fury Diamond also got RPM Yellow, did not get Victory Charge]
049 SPD Battlized Red Ranger = Super Samurai Blue, Operation Overdrive Blue, Operation Overdrive Yellow, Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up,  Super Samurai Green, Operation Overdrive Black
052 Delta Command Megazord = Operation Overdrive Silver, Megaforce Black Powerup
054 Red Dragon (Thunderzord) = Mystic Force Green, Samurai Red, Lost Galaxy Yellow, Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up, Jungle Fury Red Power Up, Ninja Storm 
[Fury Diamond got In Space Red, Megaforce Robo Knight instead those he got]

055 Mega Tigerzord = Mighty Morphin Black, Mighty Morphin Megazord
056 White Tigerzord Tiger Mode = Megaforce Megazord, Megaforce Black Power Up, Lost Galaxy Megazord
069  Green Gorilla Zord = RPM Megazord 
[Fury Diamond also got SPD Green Power Up]

Cards that worked for Fury Diamond that didn't work for me:
019 Tiger Ranger
034 Delta Runner 1
035 Delta Runner 2
050 Dragonzord
057 White Ranger

Cards that worked for me that didn't work for FuryDiamond:
001 Flit
004  Rhino Ranger
018 Shiny Cheetah Ranger 
038 Delta Runner 5 

Cards that got completely different result for Fury Diamond than for me:
008 Red Tiger Zord
010 Blue Jaguar Zord
022 Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord
037 Delta Runner 4 
054 Red Dragon (Thunderzord)

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