Friday, February 1, 2013 New Look

Last night launched a new version of their site, with Megaforce section and new look to the Seasons section.

The Seasons section had these mistakes:
Mighty Morphin Yellow

  • Griffin Thunderzord
  • Bear Ninja Zord/li>

  • [Code is showing: /li> ]

    Ninja Storm
    [Strange order of Rangers: Green should be last as he is the sixth member and Yellow third, Crimson and Navy should be together]

    [Shadow Ranger is present but it says "Omega Ranger." Omega Ranger profile is missing.]

    Mystic Force
    [It is Solaris Knight, not Solaris Ranger]

     Operation Overdrive has the zords as vehicles

    Operation Overdrive
    Mercury Ranger
    [Zords: Rescue Runners
    Weapons: Drive Detector
    Gear: Mercury Morpher]

    Samurai/Super Samurai
    Mia has Jayden's profile.

    I reported them through Power Force and they fixed them, so thanks to them. Now I know that they are also missing a lot of other heroes such as the Green Ranger, Gold Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Silver Ranger, Magna Defender, Omega Ranger, Kat Ranger, Wolf Warrior and the Spirit Rangers and Lauren, but I suppose it is their decision to add them or not.

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    Joey T. said...

    found a few more errors:

    some of the images for each ranger don't load properly, and the link for Dino Thunder takes us to Don-Thunder.... and they're still missing several rangers