Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce Spoilers #4

UPDATED 4/17/13 10AM EST
Nightmere10 at RangerCrew found this on Instagram from an extra (presumably one that had to dress as a Ranger). The new Power Rangers Action Card Game Twitter account re-tweeted it. Also presumably the guy behind the twitter account is the guy behind the facebook for ACG. 

Helmets I spot are: (Left to Right) SPD Green, 2 Shadow Rangers, White Mystic Ranger, Yellow Mystic Ranger, Blue Mystic Ranger, 2 Solaris Knight, Pink Overdrive and Red Overdrive Ranger behind Solaris Knight. Black Dino Ranger, Blue Dino Ranger, Red Samurai Ranger, Pink MM Ranger and Pink Galaxy Ranger. 

 Now behind the helmets I can see Green Mystic Ranger, Omega Ranger, Pink SPD Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger, White Dino Ranger.

As always, I will be compiling the spoiler pictures from Super Megaforce for every week. So come back to this post every hour tonight apparently to check for more pics. Click 'Read more' on the left.


 Here is a new pic. This pretty much confirms GokaiSilver as the new Silver Ranger for next year i.e. Silver Super Megaforce Ranger. But this is what I feared, the Goseiger with GokaiSilver. Oh well, they do transform into the Gokaiger suits. The monster is from the Abaranger tribute in Gokaiger, episode 29.
Monster from Episode 29 above.

Here the Megaforce Rangers are tranforming, they can't be seen clearly but they have Mobirates (Gokaiger morphers).

 Here they are transformed into Super Megaforce. (These are the stunt actors without helmets, we won't be seeing this on the show)


Unknown said...

Is there a way to set spoilers to actually be hidden? An image is an image and once you see it you can't unsee it. And frankly, the human eye is drawn to the image before they even notice the word "spoilers" so... Figure something out about that.

Lavender Ranger said...

Since this pic isn't that spoilery i didn't bother but the other posts have the hidden factor. And because the others have "SPOILERS" this one too.

Lavender Ranger said...

See Victor, now I added the 'read more' button with the REAL spoilery stuff.

Unknown said...

I (nightmere10) found the picture of the helmets

Renegade Tom said...

i must say i'm not looking forward to the whole goseiger with gokaiger thing saban is doing... i totally wouldve preferred a straight gokai adaption... well they'll have to work extra hard now to make me enjoy season 2

Anonymous said...

having the goseiger suit transform into gokaiger suit is just not that great imo. might as well just use gokaiger suit throughout and give some excuse like someone destroy the goseiger suit power, and they get a new power etc.

furthermore, by having goseiger suit transform into gokaiger suit, it is better if they only use their own action. noah does not match with gokai blue, so is jake with gokai green. gokai blue in japan footage works with yellow the most (which is like gosei black and yellow). if they use the japan footage, jake is suddenly working with yellow which somehow does not make sense.

Unknown said...

A thought: So the megaforce suits are essentially like the ninjas from MM3, while the pirate forms are more like the classic suits from the same year. So we're gonna see them morph into megaforce, then into pirates, then into whoever they're changing into on that particular episode? That sounds like a lot of morphing, which isn't good since megaforce has been a lot of just morph straight away. i know that the gokaigers didn't exactly do unmorphed fights all that often, but factor in the pre-fight, original gosei suit fights. this will leave way less than 5 minutes of unmorphed stuff.