Monday, October 14, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce - "Gosei Ultimate" - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
 Bigs and Bluefur have infused the Aurora Box with toxic goo. Tensou is working on something and takes out a big engine. Bigs and Bluefur release the power and as Bluefur spins Bigs, slime cover the town. Robo Knight blasts one and it spreads around. The Rangers arrive. They morph. Red, Yellow and Black fight Bluefur and the others fight Bigs. They release more toxic fumes. They use the Megaforce Blaster and they explode. The two come out of the fire. The five de-morph.

They fill slime on a 'broadcast tower' (Tokyo Tower) and the town is slowly covered. RK arrives. He makes a freeze storm and freezes up the slime. RK takes a hit meant for the Rangers and is damaged. The mutants exit. RK must restore his systems. It rains quickly and the slime is restored. Bigs and Bluefur celebrate. The Rangers are re-morphed and don't like the stench. The Rangers try to emulate the same freeze with their cards but have no luck due to the Mutants. They go Ultra Mode. 

 They stop an Aurora Blast and then do a Mega Quake to stop another one. Jake breaks Bigs' staff. They do Gosei Dynamic Ultra Mode Strike and take down both. Bigs goes into the Aurora Box and Bluefur escapes. Tensou is still working in the Command Center to unlock the new Megazord. At night, Bluefur comes out and talks to Bigs and swings the Aurora Box, it becomes big and sits on top of a building. In the morning, the six arrive on a rooftop with Bluefur. Bigs has taken over the building above.

Bigs plans to make the whole Earth into one big Bigs, a wasteland of goo. The Rangers try their attacks but unsuccessful. The six fight Bluefur. He knocks the five down. RK fights Bluefur and he sends the five against Bigs. The five fight Loogies inside the building. They go Ultra Mode and fight Bigs inside the Aurora Box, he has tentacles wrap around them and stealing energy. The five tap into their Ultra Powers and cut the tentacles. Ultra Strike destroys Bigs. RK continues fighting Bluefur. RK does Knight Dynamic on Bluefur. Vrak sends Zombats to make Bluefur big. 

RK becomes Lion zord and forms Gosei Grand Megazord. The Rangers can't communicate with Gosei through the Gosei Morpher, the Aurora Box starts imploding. Tensou is finished with his Megazord, Gosei activates it, the whole command center flies out of where it was. The five are in a dark space. Out of the space comes in the a stone space ship. Gosei speaks to them. They call for their Ultra Zords, which become big and form a face on the ship and the rock collapses showing Gosie Ultimate Command Ship.

The Rangers fly out with Gosei Ultimate. Bluefur fights RK and knocks RK back to normal mode. Aurora Box is destroyed. Gosei Ultimates goes into Megazord mode with two blades. They fight Bluefur. They use Ultimate Charge to destroy Bluefur. RK applauds them and leaves. Back at the stationed command center, they thank Gosei and Tensou. Gosei says to use it wisely. Jake wanted to take it for a joyride.

Episode Review:
Pretty basic episode. For me, there wasn't anything interesting or funny or worth mentioning. Next week is the Halloween special "Raising Spirits".

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