Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Nintendo 3DS Game Review

 I got this game for my four year old grand nephew who loves his 3DS. We got it last week. I am not much of a gamer so I will not into too much detail or every little nook and crany. This review is for random gamers and those who just play casually. So basically the story to the Power Rangers Megaforce game is that the Rangers must fight together (hence when you play one, the others talk and encourage you) the forces of Vrak. Basically all the villains still exist and all work together like Creepox, Metal Alice and Bluefur. You can play as any of the Rangers and change back and forth.

There are different stages you have to go through. There is like for example 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, and 1-5. The last one is the Megazord battle. And the one before is the boss battle. You have to pass the five stages and complete the game, not with bonus stages to get the Mighty Morphin skins. I say skins because they still show that they are the Megaforce rangers and when you play as MM Blue Ranger, his Power Lance blasts lasers like Noah's Shark Bowgun. You can scan cards for extra power but it doesn't help you unlock Ultra Mode, Robo Knight or MMPR skins. It is extremely hard to scan the cards. They need the barcode on the sides that activate on the Gosei Morpher.

 The story modes are just cliparts of the characters and they talk with captions and have Anime like emotions like little smoke puffs and anger lighting. You have to fight a bunch of Loogies or find some stuff to unlock secret bonus levels, most are Robo Knight levels that you fight only as him. Later on when you unlock Ultra Mode or MMPR, you can't fight as Green Ranger. When you hit the button for Ultra Mode, the five Megaforce Rangers go to Ultra mode for a short time. Robo Kngith and the Mighty Morphin Rangers just 'power up' with a yellow-white flame around them, giving them extra strength. So no, no golden shield for Mighty Morphin Red.

 Megazord battles, you fight Gosei Great Megazord, later when you get Robo Knight, you can fight as Gosei Grand Megazord and later on as Gosei Great Grand Megazord. When you go Mighty Morphin, this DOES NOT effect the zords. To fight, you can hit the green to block, red for shooting fire (which takes time to load so you got to back up a bit) and blue is for sword slashing.

 After passing all the stages except for the bonus ones, you can unlock the Mighty Morphin skins. You have to press X + A before entering a stage. The bottom with the Megaforce faces doesn't change, the Megaforce face on the top doesn't change. Only the playing mode. They have their Blade Blasters and Power Weapons. Pink says "Morphinomical" and Yellow says something like "You're Finished!" and Black says "Hey." Blue and Red just grunt.

 Megaforce takes the code or whatever (I don't get it) from the current Super Sentai series game Kyoryuger. It looks EXACTLY the same, uses the same sets and fighting styles, the clipart story pics, the other rangers talking and even the MUSIC. Yes, the only song the Megaforce game uses from the show is the THEME SONG. There is Samba music from Kyoryuger in this game. Some sound great, some don't.

 As you can see it uses the same clipart like story. In the Megaforce game, none of the voices are the same. Robo Knight and Gosei aren't even their voices. Most of them similar. To me, Jake sounds like Noah and Noah sounds like Jake. For me, Gia is the one that sounds farthest like her. Vrak sounds pretty close but Gosei and Robo Knight are clearly generic voices. There is no Tensou in the game.

 Your kid or you can morph yourself into a Ranger just like the Kyoryuger game. You can change which Ranger you change into at 'Morphin Time' after starting the game. So finally, I think the voices during the game is annoying and too repeatative, the music is okay, the gameplay... I hate how the directions aren't responsive, the Nick.com games are more responsive. For example, when I want to change the direction they go, I have to wait until the attack sequence ends. Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger have best handle for fighting, Blue is only good from far away and Pink is the best for jumping. My nephew likes it, it is kind of entertaining.

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