Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spoilers! Super Megaforce Episode Descriptions

UPDATED 4/7/14
New in green.
kyl416 from Fuñaroboard posted 14 15 Episode Descriptions for Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Click on it to check more. It sems they will be not focusing on all the cameo eps of Gokaiger and more character episodes. They will indeed visit Anamarium and Corinth and Silver Ranger's name will be Orion (maybe a nod to the Lights of Orion) and not Zador as previously reported (it turn out to be just a placeholder name). These might not be in order.

Please read the episode summaries from the link above before reading the rest of this post.

1. Episode One "Super Megaforce" is clearly based on Gokaiger Episode 1. It ended up they used footage from Episode 2 of Gokaiger as well.

 2. "Earth Fights Back" I originally thought it might be based on Gokaiger Episode 2. Or maybe it is Episode 5 or 6 to introduce the Delta Squad Zord. It turned out they used episode 5 which was Dekaranger (SPD) tribute that introduces Delta Squad Zord but excluded the SPD cameos and used some Megazord footage from Ep 1.

3. "Blue Saber Saga" is clearly based on Gokaiger Episode 4. This might introduce the Mystic Dragon. They didn't use all of Episode 3 of Gokaiger that introduces Mystic Dragon and is a "Mystic Force" tribute but did use when the Ranger Keys glowed. They indeed used Ep 4 of Gokaiger.

4. Episode Four 'A Lion's Alliance' will be going to the Anamarium. Anyway, this is clearly the Lion Zord and Wild Force episode. This is clearly Episode 9 of Gokaiger.

5. "Samurai Suprise" is clearly episodes 11 and 12 of Gokaiger and will include a Jayden's cameo.

6. "Spirit of the Tiger is clearly Episode 7 of Gokaiger with a guest appearance by Casey of Jungle Fury.

7 and 8. "Silver Lining" is two parts, introducing Orion the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger who seems to be from Space and got the powers not from Gosei. It seems to be from Episodes 17 and 18 of Gokaiger.

We saw the Rangers fighting the Episode 17 monster earlier this year as Lost Galaxy Rangers. Episode 8 will be the last of the first round.

9. "Power of Six" is clearly Episode 19 with Gold Mode. This will be the first episode in September.

10. "The Perfect Storm" I have no idea what episode this is. Could introduce the Ninja Storm Zord, so maybe episode 26 of Gokaiger. 

11. "Love Is In the Air" is clearly based on the plot for the Carranger episode 14, so maybe we'll see them use Turbo suits. For those who do not know, the Gokaiger villainess Insarn fell for Red Racer, the counterpart of Red Turbo Ranger in this episode. The PRSM description says Princess Levira falls for Jake.

Thanks to ViniRanger 2012 for bringing this to my attention.
12. "United as One" was added on the morning of Dec 18. It is an Emma episode. It uses footage of Episode 29. The above picture is of them filming fighting against the monster from that episode. That episode for Gokaiger fans is when GokaiPink fought the monster, the Gokaiger became Abaranger and GokaiPink became AbarePink, a fan made Ranger. So most likely Emma will be left out of the Dino Thunder morph.

13. "The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer" clearly uses the plot of Episode 27 but changed Yellow for Blue. Makes sense why they filmed Blue Ranger fighting the monster.

14. "In the Driver's Seat" is clearly Episodes 35 and 36 of Gokaiger with RPM.

15. "All Hail Prince Vekar" is clearly Episode 37 and 38. The above formation is the Kanzen Gokaioh (Ultimate Legendary Megazord) but most likely will debut in the episode as it is in the footage.

Episode 20 as we all know will be called "Legendary Battle." Maybe the leftover 4 episodes will be based on Ep 32 (Super Mega Canon), Ep 44-46 (Ninjor),  Ep 42 and 43 (Daramas defeat), and Ep 49 and 50 (Levira demise and MMPR). 


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Its been a while since I've been able to say this but I really dig most of these pun titles! Granted, having a another series to tie the title into probably helps.

Unknown said...

wow! this is great my only thing is that they should at least have an episode on zeo or in space and if these are already the first 14 how are they going to get dairanger in their

Unknown said...

this is great and all but they should at least have episodes for zeo and in space but what im confused most about is how they are the dairangers going to fit in all of this

Lavender Ranger said...

Matt, even though I wanted Dairanger, it is looking more and more likely there will no ep highlighting them. they would really have to squeeze it in. unless they just use the suits with no explanation but its possible the sdcc keys and licensing promo were indeed just flukes.

Mr. Awesomesauce said...

So is the Legend war going to be a separate special outside of the main episode sequence using footage from the second Gokaiger movie like they did with the samurai/Rpm crossover movie?

Battra said...

Way to just copy Gokaiger, I guess no one working PR anymore actually cares about originality anymore.

Lavender Ranger said...

Nicolas, it seems there will be no specials of Super Megaforce at this time. Using footage from movies is unknown at this time. Everything is possible.

Vinigullo said...

Lavender you Forgot to update this post:

11. Love Is In the Air
12. United as One
13. The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer

T.K. said...

I find the reversals from Gokaiger to Super Megaforce highly amusing:

- The Gokaigers are from space and Gai is from Earth, yet the core Super Megaforce Rangers are from Earth and the Silver Ranger is from space.

- Gokaiger STARTS with the Legend War, while Super Megaforce ENDS with the Legendary War.

Also, I would think that Episode 1 will be a combo of both Gokaiger eps 1 and 2, since there's a lot of character stuff for the Gokaigers (and Marvelous in particular) in those eps that can be excised because our current group of heroes are already established. (This will allow for the new zords and the first all-red change to be fit into the first episode, and allows Episode 2 to be the SPD homage.)

ThatChick said...

And one again Gia has no episodes to herself.