Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winners and Losers of 2013: Power Rangers and Super Sentai

I started a new tradition last year to go over what I think are the winners and losers this year.

 4. Dinosaur Sentai fans
The Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters teamup will not only reunite the Go-Busters but also Zyuranger (after 21 years) and Abaranger (after 10 years).
 3. Violet Fans

We not only got one Kyoryu Violet but two! Male and Female.

2. Ranger Key fans
Kyoryuger gets Ranger Keys finally but only out of an expensive exclusive.

1. Kyoryuger
Japanese and American fans love it! The suits were great, the mecha were cute, good writing, great cast, fun moments and I think the series is really reminiscent of 90's Sentai.

 1. Tokkyuger
Train fans and Super Sentai fans. Fans don't like the suits. Maybe this will change. Just one loser? Good enough.

3. Robo Knight
Gosei Knight was not that popular in the US (In Japan, he was a moderate success) but Robo Knight got many fans here in the US. Combined with his voice and writing, he won us over. "A Knight to Save the Day" did not become a hit but fans still like it. He won't be in Super Megaforce and it is rumored he will have a cameo or something. Will he be missed?

 2. Legacy Items and Green Ranger Fans
Green Rnager and MMPR fans are getting lots of Legacy items like the Gold Legacy Power Morpher with both Green and White Coins, Legacy Dragonzord and Legacy Dragon Dagger. The boxes even emulate the original look of the MMPR boxes. 

 1. American Ranger Keys
The keys are smaller but they are spring loaded. It looks like we will be getting Ninjor and Titanium Ranger. Ninjor's Japanese key showed up not part of Gokaiger but part of Super Hero Taisen 2 exclusive package.


 3. ACG Fans of "Legends United"
Power Rangers Action Card Game series have appeared in stores every three months but now that Series 4 Legends United was 'released' in November, it has only been available in distribution sites. Most stores around the country has had not them. Only some Wal-Marts like in Texas and other places. Hopefully Series 5 will have reprints of Series 4 cards and will be better distributed.

  2. Our Wallets
  Because of the ACG, Ranger Keys and Legacy Items, our wallets are burning as all this stuff is expensive. We complain about size and paint application, but we then complain about the price. But that is beyond the point. I'm crying all the way to the bank.

  1. American Ranger Keys
Uh, this is hard. I mean, Super Sentai fans that didn't get the Japanese Ranger Keys and were waiting for these keys and they are smaller than the original. Also, there are fans who were expecting them to be bigger than the Japanese keys but oh well. Also they will only 1 per package, coming with the Megazords, zords, cycles, battle gear, multipacks, and blind packs. But the multipacks are only 3 per pack. So we will see if we will be able to get all the teams.


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Deen Said said...

I think mecha and suit for Tokkyuger starts to grow on me. Yes, I know it was ugly and awful at first, but I like how the simple design it is. Let's face it, it will be too late now for Toei to redesign suit and mecha as both of them were finalized and has been approved before it was previewed to the public for the first time. All we can hope now is a stronger story lines, plot and characters that could able to cover up all the design ugliness in Tokkyuger.

I mean, c'mon, Kamen Rider Gaim also facing same issues too at the early promotion. At first we hate the ridiculous idea of mixing fruit-Sengoku period-breakdancing theme into the one show, but its the plot, story lines and the writers that make we love and stick to Gaim so much. If Gaim can handle such of these issues, then why not Tokkyuger?

I suggest that we need to wait until the series released first, then we watch it for the first five episodes before we'll judge how far this series can go.