Saturday, August 23, 2014

PMC 4: Dino Charge cast revealed and Saban Brands Panel Pictures


Info thanks to HeroOtaku:
Dino Charge Red Ranger: Brennan Mejia (@BrennanMejia on Twitter)
He is a friend of Stephen Lunsford and was his guest at PMC 2. And did you guys know that I voted for him as the Red Ranger in then-hypothetical Power Rangers reboot back in 2010??!!
 Dino Charge Black Ranger: James Davies (, from New Zealand.
 Dino Charge Blue Ranger: Yoshi Sudarso, suit actor for Power Rangers live events and cosplayed for three years (@Yoshistunts on Twitter)
 Dino Charge Green Ranger: Michael Taber (@PutItOnMyTabe on Twitter)
 Dino Charge Pink Ranger: Camille Hyde (@MimiHyde on Twitter)

SPD was a cast of four Canadians, one American and one Kiwi (New Zealand). This cast is four Americans and one Kiwi (New Zealand). Camille Hyde is the first African-American female Ranger since 2001, 13 years ago. She is the first African-American Pink Ranger period. James Davies is the first New Zealand Black Ranger (Dan Ewing of RPM is from Australia). Brennan Mejia is the fourth Red Ranger actor of Hispanic origin. Michael Taber is the first Caucasian (White) American Green Ranger since Jason David Frank (Matt Austin of SPD is from Canada).


Anonymous said...

Hi Henshin Grid. Do you have a video to go along with this? Plus, is the pink ranger an African American? That would be the first in PR history! Also the Facebook pictures don't show up when i try to access that page. The links may be broken. Please try to fix that. Thanks. Go Dino Charge!

Unknown said...

Yoshi is American or Indonesian?