Thursday, October 16, 2014

Power Force Halloween Package

I misread an e-mail about the Facebook/Party City Halloween Chat with the "Red Ranger" and didn't read I would get a package soon. Anyway, ZeronXepher took a pic of it and I recieved today but FedEx brought it all damaged. It was stepped on and bent and slightly open. Only two items came slightly bent. I already told my Power Force rep and she said she'd take care of it.

 The package comes with:
- Mighty Morphin Morphsuit (color vary)
- Super Megaforce Halloween Bag
- Megaforce Chibi Coin Purse (color vary)
- 6 candies
- Samurai Paddle (color vary--I got a red one)
- Samurai Party Bag
- 3 Megaforce Party Discs (color vary--I got Blue, Black and 3 boys)

- Mini Megaforce Rubix
- Megaforce Tattoo Sheet
- Megaforce Kids Bag

I previously recieved the Blue one two years ago thanks to Saban Brands, now I got two! Too bad I don't fit in. 

Super Megaforce Halloween Bag, yes I know Green and Yellow are missing. My niece bought this for my grandnephew Jaiden and then my nephew's girlfriend got it too, not knowing we already had one. Now I got this one. This came wrinkled and bent thanks to FedEx. 

I got Blue Chibi Coin Purse, some got Red. I like this. The candies I put in the family candy jar that everyone shares, I put the paddle, discs and rubix cube in the party bag to give to my grandnephew when it's his birthday in early November, the cup is going to my grandnephew now, the chibi purse is staying in my room which I'm sure my grandniece and grandnephew will chew on (yes, they are not dogs but they still put stuff in their mouth) and the Halloween bag to my grandnephew Jaiden for Halloween.

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