Friday, February 6, 2015



His name is Starninger, he looks to have a cowboy-theme and I recently did a cowboy fanfiction so I am happy with this. My nephew says he looks like Zeo Ranger I/OhRed. I think he looks like Samurai Gold/Shinken Gold. His mecha is called Shuriken Gattai BisonKing.
Henshin Device StarBurger is his 'morpher' and his main weapon is the Guitar Ningeki SwordGun. He was a hamburger changer and a guitar sword which me and my nephew really want. Also coming in is Otomonin Series 3 SurferMaru: A submarine Otomonin that changes from Submarine to a robot with a surfboard. It merges with Shurikenjin to form the ShurikenjinSurfer and can also combine with BisonKing.

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Eric said...

Zeo Ranger V, not Zeo Ranger I. ;)