Sunday, January 31, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - When Evil Stirs - Episode Review

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"When Evil Stirs" 
We open to Tyler summarizing the last season in his journal. He says they returned t their normal lives. He misses his Energem. In Sledges ship, Snide says it is his turn and tells the Viviks and Blueheads that he is the boss now. He destroys a Bluehead. Snide becomes Heckyl, who apologizes for his other half. He can see Snide through a watch. Snide becomes Heckyl and he tells the Viviks to release the monsters (some being re-used suits from Mystic Force and Ninja Storm). Posandra cries for Sledge and then is okay for the snacks. Wrench brings up that Poisandra broke up with Sledge. Snide tells them if they don't side with him, he will destroy them. One tries leaving and is destroyed. Meanwhile Koda eagerly awaits letters from Chase and Shelby.

Shelby is in college trying to become businesswoman. Kendall interviews a new waiter, which turns out to be Heckyl, who she recognizes as the guy who saved her. Kendall excuses herself and he spies and sees where Shelby and Chase are. Hyde wants to attack Kendall for her gem. Kendall hires Heckyl. At that college, Colonel Truman... I mean Shelby's dad tells her he is proud of her and should stick to her studies. She is attacked. The other Rangers such as Chase in New Zealand, Riley on the farm and Tyler in his jeep are attacked. Tyler calls Kendall before being attacked. Kendall is worried about Tyler but Ivan isn't but they all decide to check on him anyway. Kendall, Koda and Ivan arrive at the site and they get frozen, except for Koda who discovers it was Ice Age. 

Ice Age freezes Koda's jacket as he escapes. Koda goes to the hideout (having driven badly) and tries calling Shelby. Tyler arrives. Koda says he was scared of the ice because he was trapped in ice for many years. It is shown how Kendall and Chase found him trapped in ice. Chase took him out with the Dino Blaze charger. Keeper greets them and tells Koda it isn't his fault, the other Rangers are safe because of the gem. Tyler has an idea. Koda and Tyler run to the monsters, seemingly transform and get frozen. But it was all a rouse, Snide finds just their uniforms inside. The real ones use Dino Blaze free the others. Tyler gives them their Energems. Snide introduces himself. They all morph and fight the villains.

Snide is about to transform, so he ducks and hides, changing into Heckyl, who can't show his true identity so he runs away. Purple Ranger attacks Ice Age. The Rangers call the Dino Spike and combined with Gold's attack, take down Ice Age. Jekyl demands the beam to be shot. Ice Age and Vivizords grow and the Rangers call their Megazords (T-Rex and Plesio). Dino Drive is activated, they use Plesio first with Pachy. They then call T-Rex and mix it with Plesio making Plesio Charge Megazord Rex Formation. They destroy the monsters. The Rangers return to the base happily. Koda saying they are his family. Phillip arrives and Keeper says their mission is to get the other two energems. They think Aqua Ranger is out there as Ankylozord was activated. 

Ryan (Heckyl) continues to do a great job but there is still a lot of questions as to why everyone thinks Sledge is destroyed because there was no explosion. Also, Kendall's first transformation is a non issue, Also it is was cute that it was a Koda episode. Still interesting how the Rangers mention getting the Energems but nothing about the new villain Snide nor having to defeat the bad guys. 

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