Saturday, February 6, 2016

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Forgive and Forget - Episode Review

Heckyl is at the restaurant and making bad luck for people. Burt, a old rival of Riley makes fun of him and causes Riley to touch his Energem and tells him he will go against him in arm wrestling. The energem glows and Riley beats him, Kendall berates him. Heckyl's tattoo glows and he holds it and tells Chase that a girl is out there for him. He becomes Snide and he goes out of the kitchen. Wrench takes out of the venom of Stingrage to change it so the Rangers forget who they are. Snide says they will change the plan. At the base, Kendall is going to create a new mode for their Megazords---Dino Supercharge. Outside, Riley and Burt prepare to go in an obstacle course against each other. Riley uses the Energem. Riley falls and Heckyl helps him up. Riley doesn't understand why Burt is a jerk.

Heckyl convinces Riley to join a marathon. Sting Rage arrives and throws stings at them. Riley puts Heckyl behind a wall, he fights with Snide about the new plan, saying it might work. Riley fights Sting Rage. Heckyl takes a hit for Riley. Red, Black, Pink, Blue, and Gold arrive to fight Sting Rage and Tyler and Shelby de-morph. Tyler takes the stinger out of Heckyl and Heckyl forgets who he is, supposedly. The Rangers are about to take him into the base, Kendall is against it, they say he knows who they are and he forgot his memory. Kendall shows them the two stings, with new venoms. They give Heckyl an antidote, he says he knows they are Rangers and Shelby tells them not to tell anyone about the base. Heckyl looks at the Energems.

At the ship, Heckyl explains himself to Snide who thinks he should have gotten the Energems. He tells them that when they lose their memories, he can do it. Fury and Sting Rage dump venom into the lake. At the marathon, the infected water is put in the drinking after. Heckyl tries giving water to Riley but he rejects it for his sports drink. Riley says he will win the game fair and square without the gem. Riley goes past Burt. Burt takes a drink and forgets who he is. Tyler, Chase and Koda show off their abs in support of Riley. The Rangers forget their memories too as they drank the water, Riley tells Kendall. Heckyl takes Koda's Energem. Riley takes all the Energems to the base. Kendall gives Riley the antidote, telling him to not give them the Energems yet. Kendall sprays the antidote with the Plesio Charge Megazord. The Rangers' memories come back thanks to Riley, who gives them the gems back.

Burt runs from his friends and Riley sprays him. Their friends tell Burt that he helped him. Burt defends Riley to another guy who wants to drink the water. Heckyl enters the empty base and the Energems are gone. He turns back into Snide and calls Heckyl a fool. Purple sees they are putting more venom in the dam. She sends Tyler. The Rangers fight the monsters. The five blast Sting Rage. Gold and fury fight. Red puts Armor X on and blasts back. He does a spiral attack on Sting Rage. The Rangers do final strike on him. Magna Beam makes him large as he enters the dam. The Rnager ssummon T-Rex, Raptor and Para making Para-Raptor Formation and activate Dino Super Drive mode. It gets a new sequence and the saber appears. They have no mouthplates and new accents on the helmets and spikes. 

They fight Sting Rage. They do the final strike with his saber, putting all the chargers in it. They destroy Sting Rage. Fury has Curio fill drinks and he puts the memory venom in it. Heckyl makes a toast with the jailed monsters, saying Snide failed to capture the Rangers but he managed to get the base. Together they will storm the base but he drinks the venom and forgets. Heckyl goes to take a nap. Only Burt and Riley are running in the marathon, they are the last. Burt wants him to cross and wants the slowest rate. They cross together. 

Heckyl is a delight and Snide is kind of boring, just a grumpy voice guy. But Heckyl calling himself Heckyl to the Rangers is stupid, he should had had an alias. Or maybe he doesn't really care. Also, the Rangers letting Heckyl in the base was also idotic. I wish more people were on Kendall's side. Or even Keeper show up, where the heck is he? (Pun intended). Heckyl entering the base and his intentions are deliciously smart but the execution is questionable. Heckyl has only know the gang for a few episodes and he already knows how to manipulate them. Also, I wonder if we will ever find out how Heckyl and Snide became one as it seems they are too separate entities and not the same guy.

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