Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Power Rangers Legacy Mighty Morphin, In Space and Ninja Storm figures coming

At Toy Fair 2016, they had Legacy figures in secret, no one could take pictures. I did get a sneak peak but won't say how. It was of Mighty Morphin Red and Green with the Mighty Morphin Megazord and the Ninja Storm Red and Blue with Storm Megazord. These figures will be retail price $20 each, come with chest articulation and the females with have two piece skirts. They each come with a piece to make a Megazord. Meaning we will get every member of each team.
Razzle1337 found the pics of Blue, Black and Pink off K-Mart server. Looks like these won't only be available at Toys R Us like past Legacy items. Red and Green were at the Toy Fair. 

In Space Red and Yellow pics found by Razzle. 

Ninja Storm Blue and Yellow

Mighty Morphin Green and Red

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