Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Power Rangers Best buy Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Review

Lionsgate was gracious to give me and a few others (do not know how many and who exactly) the Best Buy Exclusive Blu-Ray/DVD practice. The set has a clear sleeve with the Rangers on it while the set has the burning Lightning bolt. When you open it, you see Zordon in the Command Center and when you open the whole thing you get the zords on a landscape. Six cards come with it, shiny ones. Five Rangers and Rita. 

The Blu-Ray menu is cool in that it takes the scene from where Zordon tells the Rangers they are Rnagers and it is them in the Command Center. It uses audio bytes from other spots. It is cool for the first time but if I do plan to see it over and over, to wait for the menu. The Blu-Ray menu has instrumental of the MMPRTM theme. The DVD menu is different, it is the first image we got from the suits and flashes of each teen. It has soundtrack music. For the review of the movie itself, check the link below. The Director's commentary (Director Dean Isrealite and writer John Gatin) is cool (I love hearing director's commentaries) with fan shoutouts and the deleted scenes are already out. As for the featurettes, I think I should just leave it for fans to check out and not mention much. People on Twitter already voiced comments. As a collector, I do want to get the Target exclusive too, maybe the Wal-Mart one, not sure yet.

Blu-Ray: Commentary, Deleted/Extended Scenes, the 2 hour and 20 minutes documentary (which you can see in chunks), trailers, outtakes
DVD: Commentary, Deleted/Extended Scenes, Trailers

UPDATED 7/5/17
The Walmart Exclusive includes a bonus disc with Behind the Scenes featurettes divided in "Ranger Recon" (of specific Teen scenes like the donut fight, the gorge jumping, and the flipping van) and "VFX" (Visual Effects such as Alpha, Zordon, the flipping van, the Command Center, Goldar and the Zords).

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