Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A lighter shade of Green

We are all used to a brighter shade of blue like Cyan for female blues or even males (Blue Ninja of Kakuranger/Blue Alien Ranger and Sky Blue in Kyuranger). But lately there has been a brighter shade of Green like Toq4gou, Green Elephant of Zyuohger, Midoninger of Nininnger Special and Chameleon Green of Kyuranger. I didn't quite want to admit to this change until it was glaringly obvious with GokaiGreen next to Green Elephant last year in the teamup episodes. I like this change. But there doesn't seem to be a distinction or reason. Light green doesn't have a popular known name like Pink or Cyan. Some names are Lime Green or Spring Green in English. In Japanese, the color green *Midori) is derived from the classical Japanese descriptive verb 'midoru' which means 'to be in lead, to flourish' in reference to trees. Green is considered a shade of blue in Japan. 

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