Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Galavanax Rises - Episode Review

Cosmo Royale recaps the events of the last episode. The Rangers go to Galavanax who wants the Power Stars. The Rangers morph and fight the Bashers. Galavanax gets the magnet and takes the stars of the Rangers and dimorph them. He kidnaps the Rangers except for Brody who escapes. Red fries the magnet. Mick arrives and helps, they leave with the Ninja Cycle.

The kidnapped Rangers are taken aboard the ship. Monty and Victor are working on a new bigger magnet. Odius wants to destroy Galavanax which the two are okay with but not with destroying the Rangers. So they decide to dress as Kudobots. Brody wants to fight back. Redbot tells them that the asteroid is close to the Earth. Mick says they can melt down the Ninja Cycle star to make a new Astro Zord Star. Galavanax shows he put the Ninja Stars on his belt. The others arrive but as prisioners. Brody makes a decision like his dad did and uses his sword to destroy his Power Star. Out of the smoke come out the Prism with three Red Ranger Power Stars which the Rangers wonder about. 

The two Red Rangers come out to fight and reveal to be Brody and Mick. The Rangers escaped the Kudobots. Brody says the Prism protected him. Galavanax is about to attack nwhen the third Red Ranger takes him down and his belt. The Rangers take their stars back. The third Red Ranger reveals to be Brody and Levi's dad. He says he was injured but the prism healed him and kept him safe. The others morph. The new Red Rangers show their moves. Galavanax drinks the melted Ninja Steel and has more power. The dad fights Galavanax. He is pushed back. Cosmo makes Galavanax big.

Victor and Monty hide out as Kudobots. Monty feels sick because of the alien food he ate. They stumble across the stage and are revealed to be humans as Monty passes gas. Galavanax is defeated by the eight Rangers flip around like Ninja Stars. Odius tries her betrayal but the space ship gets flipped into space for its trouble. The Rangers celebrate. Later, Levi tells his dad how the villains made an android with his memories. Mick makes everyone sad by leaving the planet to go back to the Lion Galaxy. At the end we see Odius' hand coming out of the rubble. 

That was a cool Zordless Zord battle with Galavanax. Everything got wrapped up but we know that is not the end. 

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