Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Helping Hand - Episode Review

Preston and Sarah crash on her hoverboard and Preston help her think of the idea of using it for her Shop Class project. At home, we find out her mom is just like her, an inventor who Sarah finds distracting. She tells her she doesn't need her mother's help. Her mother grabs her battery. A new force field monster has been selected to fight the Rangers. Preston and Victor has a magnet that can attract metal and it ends up attracting almost all the scrap metal in the junkyard. Victor and Monty are stuck within in.

Sarah's mom comes in with a supercharger for her battery. She says it will power it 10 times more. Sarah says its too much. She inserts the battery and the hoverboard flies off. Sarah berates her mom, causing her mom to be sad. In the hideout, some Rangers train and Calvin thinks Sarah was too harsh on Sarah. Sarah says her mom is over interfering. The Rangers go after a monster. They morph. Red dons his Lion Fire Armor. Gold and Blue fight the monster Force Fear. Red blasts him and kicks him back. Red throws Blue and Gold at him and they bounce off the forcefield. The others reunite. The monster will blow him up but they retreat. Madame Odius comes and he wants to be giant so his forcefield is bigger.

The Prism tells them to combine the zords. They only have one piece of Ninja Steel to make a new star. Mick has been scanning for Ninja Steel through the universe. Mick throws the star in the prism and it doesn't work. Redbot gets mad at Sarah, she says she was just trying to help and realizes what she did to her mom. She realizes what she did to her mom, realizing the super charger might help. The villains make Force Fear giant. Sarah throws the star in the prism. Lion Fire Mechazored is formed to fight. The other two megazords arrive. Mick gets the new star and throws it at them.

Ninja Ultrazord is combined. They break the Forcefield. Red gives Pink his sword and strike the monster on his own, They do the Ninja Ultrazord Blast. The monster is destroyed. Sarah apologizes to her mom at home. She wants her to help her with her board. Helping is not a bad thing. Her mom promises to ask her first before she fixes something. Later, Monty and Victor are disappointed with their machine. Victor pumps it to max and points it at the school. An astroid is found to have ninja steel. All the Ninja Stars fly out of the base and hit Victor's machine. This freaks out Mick and Redbot. The villains see this. Galvanax arrives at the school and kidnap Victor and Monty. Galvanax is mad the Power Stars aren't there.

Some good points. The mom's accent wasn't too bad. Amazing to see another parent, last season we did get some parents but it is rare in Power Rangers. We only met Tyler and Shelby's parents and Kendall's grandmother. Here we have met Brody's dad, Preston's dad and Sarah's mom. 

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