Saturday, April 4, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Cruisin for a Bruisin - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Devon says whoever misses target practice has to pay for smoothies. Steel says he can't drink a smoothie. They all fire on their targets. Cruise has the remote control and calls a real Tronic that moves. It moves too fast and everyone misses. Cruise shows them and manages to hit the Tronic. making Devon believe he is an awesome shot to use on the team. Nate says Beast Bots were not built for ground fights. Devon convinces him to make him blasters. The Tronic stumbles upon Ben and Betty and they think its real and rope it but it keeps moving and takes them for a ride. They decide to use it as a mopping machine. Back in the dark dimension, Scrozzle made a new Robotron that absorbs tech. 

Nate makes Cruise some wheel blasters. Commander sends them to a disturbance. Nate and Devon talk again about Nate's concerns for Cruise. Digitron absorbs tech all over the city. The Rangers morph. They fight Tronics. Digitron targets Cruise. Cruise asks for help and Devon can't make it. Digitron absorbs Cruise. Devon manages to get the Tronics off but it is too late. He speeds up to fight the monster but he knocks Devon down. Zoey and Ravi are also knocked down as Digitron is stronger. Nate and Steel return. Devon tries cable strike but Digitron teleports away. Devon falls to his knees.

The other Beastbots miss him. Devon blames himself and says he didn't listen to Nate. Ravi says if it wasn't Cruise, it would have been Steel. Devon has an idea using Smash and Jax, they could combine with their Beast Bots and power up. Nate agrees to it. He says he can reverse what happened to Cruise. Back at the dark dimension, Blaze and Roxy tell Scrozzle he did a good job but not get too cocky. Nate gives the Rangers keys to digitize the Beast Bots. Ravi and Zoey digitize Smash and Jax. Nate gives Devon a key to get Cruise out. They are given visors to attach to their morphers to call upon Beast-X Mode. The Beast Bots will become their armor. 

 The Rangers morph and fight the bots. Digitron knocks down the main trio. Devon stands up and gets the Beast-X Visor. He gets the key and runs toward the monster. Nate and Steel hold down Digitron and Devon pulls out Cruise. He digitizes Cruise and activates Beast-X Mode. Ravi and Zoey also don Beast-X Mode. Digitron feels weaker. Tronics fight the newly powered-up Rangers, who have new tricks. Steel and Nate just watch. Devon destroys the monster. 

The Beast Bots return. In the Dark Dimension, the mayor becomes Evox. Scrozzle tries to distract him but Evox knows he failed. Blaze and Roxy told him. Evox wants the Gold Ranger. Cruise returns the Wheel Blasters, saying he likes the Beast-X Mode. Cruise apologizes to Devon but Devon does reverse and says he is his best friend. Ben and Betty have their Tronic clean up but as always, it becomes messy when the Tronic goes after the gang. Cruise destroys it with his Wheel Blasters.

Episode Review:
As an adult, the slow way they explain pretty simple Sci-Fi tropes as digitization reminds me of "Technology Marches on" trope because this tech or sci-fi might be outdated in ten years. What I mean is they explain digitizing the Beast Bots in a simple and slow way for kids. Digitizing in real life only works for paperwork and data, not solid objects or living things. Now this notion of Digitizing might be outdated soon so the sci-fi notion of digitizing robots and people might be old news soon too. As for Devon and Cruise, fans say the Beast Bots don't get as much attention as they did in Go-Busters and the impact of losing Cruise is not there. I think Steel represents the Beast Bots in many ways. I think fans would have been more devastated if Steel was digitized. 

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