Saturday, September 26, 2020

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Intruder Alert - Episode Review

Nate decodes a message from deep space about a villain named Ryjack. The Rangers are on alert. An alien is detected and they go check it out. They see a shiny silver robot-like figure near Morph-X and think it is the villain. They stop him from getting a device. They get the device and head back. Evox is out of Morph X and needs it. The real Ryjack arrives and collects weapons. He wants to steal Power Rangers weapons. He wants to work together/ Evox wants the Rangers destroyed first. Evox gives him the blaster of Vargoyle and makes a robot clone that will obey him with a compliance collar.  They disappear. Evox wants to get rid of him and steal his weapons afterward. Betty and Ben get caught in their own booby trap for the security vault. 

The Rangers tend to Betty and Ben. Nate and Steel arrive saying the vault alarm went off. The mysterious stranger gets his device and sneaks out. He is apprehended by the Rangers and Nate gets the device. They lock him into detention and go to the monster alert. Ryjack and Vargoyle are stealing Morph-X. They recognize Vargoyle The Rangers arrive. The rangers realize they have the wrong alien. Ryjack brings back Putties and Vivicks. The civilians fight the Putties and Viviks. Steel asks who they are and Ryjack says the Rangers fought them for years. The Rangers morph and fight. They use their powers and Ryjack does and hurts Zoey and Ravi. The Rangers run off. They tend to Zoey and Ravi in the sick bay as they have an infection. Steel plays with the mysterious stranger's weapon. Shaw tells Nate and Devon to communicate with the stranger. The stranger seems ill and needs the device. They give it to him and he recharges. Captain Chaku changes his translator and tells them he is part of galactic police and he is the good guy and why they attacked him. Nate says they didn't know. (What he doesn't know can fill a vault) They apologize.

Chaku says he lost power after following Ryjack through seven Galaxies. Chaku says their friends won't last long if they were hit by Ryjack's horn. He checks the two and says they must be treated. He uses a digital liquid. Blaze and Roxy arrive and are surprised by the news. Ryjack wants to know about the base. Evox tells them to send Vargoyle and tells Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone. Vargoyle leaves. Ryjack boasts. Back with Nate, their condition is improving. Vargoyle and Gigadrone are detected, Devon and Chaku are sent against Vargoyle while the brothers take the zords against the Gigadrone. Devon and Chaku fight Tronics and Vargoyle. His compliance collar is taken off and tries leaving but he's out of Morph-X. 

Galactic Inceptor, Chaku's cycle is called and Devon uses Cruise as a cycle. Vargoyle blasts at them with his motorcycle. Devon kicks him and Chaku tackles him down. Chaku and Vargoyle duel and then Devon gets in. Devon is taken down and Chaky avoids blasts and hits Vargyoyle's weapon. Devon and Chaku finish him off. Striker Megazord is formed. Gigadrone is destroyed. Ravi and Zoey wake up okay. Nate introduces Chaku. Zoey and Ravi thanks them. They have a lesson to not judge a book by its cover. Chaku still needs to defeat Ryjack. Ben and Betty have a new thief trap that actually works and traps Chaku and the Rangers who don't have security cards that the device needs. Shaw tells them they did a great job.


Space Sheriff Gavan came out in 1992, part of the Metal Heroes label. To give you some perspective, Speilban was one of the Space Sheriff series and his footage was used for VR Troopers. The Meta Heroes have had revival movies since 2012, which are occasionally crosspromoted in Sentai. Chaku is Gavan New Type, who was introduced in Go-Busters and continued in Gavan movies and Taisen movies. "Chaku" is part of Gavan's morph call. I think it was a good episode and of course, this is the first of two parts of Chaku's adventure. Out of the episodes including Metal Heroes (like Skyfire in Ninja Steel), this has to be the better one. I'm looking forward to the other ones.

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