Saturday, September 26, 2020

Power Rangers Pulsecon Reveals

 So I watched the whole Pulsecon on Power Rangers. 

The biggest news was Dino Fury cast, only 3 Rangers were revealed. Russell Curry as Red, Kai Moya as Ollie/Blue, and Hunter Deno as Amelia/Pink, these were of the six Illumerdi revealed so the other tree could be correct.

Toy News:

The Zeo Megazord we already knew about. It is heavy and has a big box and removable helmets, wings and belt. 

Connor, Tommy and Z-Putty for the next wave. They will have exclusive boxes for Target, exclusive for Target are the only boxes. White Ranger will also get an exclusive Target box.

Auto-Morphin Figures, Retro Figures will be Walmart exclusives. Wave One is Red, Black, Pink and Blue. Green and Yellow coming soon. The weapons combine. 

New Monsters line

Pumpkin Rapper and King Sphinx, in Pulsecon they did a poll to see which monster should the Megazord take down and Sphinx won.

Part of the Versus Sets is Astronema and Andros

Also Sky Blue B-Squad Vs A-Squad Ranger, no Beevor head.

And Pulse exclusive is Metallic Armor Pink Ranger with Kat head sculpt. From what I understood she has a new lightning effect and bow. 

My question was showcased, twice. My YouTube is Hodgepodges and  my first question was "Will we have transforming Lightning Collection Megazords?" And the answer was with lava coming out of a volcano, soon things are coming. My second was in the Beast Morphers panel, I asked if Colby liked his Lightning Figure and he said he has it by his bed.

I liked the reveals. I am excited about SPD B-Squad vs A-Squad, the monsters and the Zeo Megazord.

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