Sunday, May 16, 2021

Power Rangers Lightning Collection: Wave 10

Revealed Friday 5/14/21 on Fan First Friday. Andros was a surprise. I like the A-Squad Rangers. I especially love Scorpina but perplexed by another Aisha. I guess it's better than another Red Ranger. 
Andros in his famous coat. The black suit is basically his In Space Red Ranger costume in the shadows. 

A-Squad Rangers (Red, Yellow, green and Pink)
Gamestop exclusive 

In Space VS Pack
TJ Blue In Space VS Zhane, Psycho Silver

Scorpina VS Aisha, Yellow Ranger


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Unknown said...

I love how Aisha's hair and Earrings match when she met Scorpina in Goldar's Vice Versa. Nice touch,very excited for Unmorphed Andros too.