Friday, September 30, 2022

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Reveals

Simon Bennett at Hasbro Pulsecon answered many things about Cosmic Fury. 

Netflix: Global this time so no international spoilers

Suits: New ones inspired by Dino Fury

Episodes: 10

Duration: Unknown

Zords: Kyuranger

Villains: Lord Zedd and a new family of monsters

David Yost and Walter Jones will be back as Billy and Zack

Drawings by Leanne Hannah, don't know if she designed them or a team.


Sounds great about the battles being new footage and new suits. The using of zord footage sounds a bit confusing. If it is indeed 22-minute 10 episodes, it might not be all the zords of Kyuranger. And if they go by the Ranger colors, then orange, yellow and silver zords of Kyuranger would be considered auxiliary or extra zords. I doubt there will be extra rangers. If it is indeed 10 episodes, they might skip the purple dragon, and red phoenix. Maybe only the Orion megazord. Speculations are abound. They might skip zords like Megaforce did with Goseiger. 

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