Thursday, September 29, 2022

Power Rangers Dino Fury - Love Hate - Episode Review

Episode Summary:

Izzy and Fern and Stan and Annie play a game at BuzzBlast that is Valentine's Day themed. Stan and Jane lose. Izzy and Fern are the winners. Ollie walks in with flowers. Fern comments on the flowers. Ollie lies and Amelia makes fun of him. He gets touchy and leaves, dumping the flowers. Lord Zedd returns to Void Queen and Void King. Sizzuari and Scrozzle came in. Void King says Scrozzle can use old robot blueprints. Lord Zedd says he has a score to settle. Back at the base, Amelia was researching on Raftkon but in reality, she was looking up a cafe that Ollie mentioned. Izzy asked and she says she will handle it. Amelia thanks Izzy. Ollie teleports in and Amelia teleports out. Izzy says maybe Amelia wanted to be her valentine. Ollie tells Izzy that the flowers were for Amelia. Izzy tells him to tell the truth but he says it is too late. He teleports away. 

Sizzuari arrives and fights Ollie. He slashes Ollie and he glows blue. Lord Zedd arrives and Ollie obeys him. J-Borg finds Ollie's card for Amelia. Amelia opens it and finds out it is from Ollie. Amelia confronts Ollie at the base but he turns her down. He teleports away. Solon and Amelia talk and they get a call about Lord Zedd. The Rangers arrive at the warehouse with mind-controlled Ollie. Scrozzle calls a new Boomblaster, like Boomtower. Lord Zedd and Scrozzle teleport away. Ollie morphs. The Rangers morph. The group fights. Pink uses Hyper Key. Red uses the Dino Knight Key. Blue uses the Smash Dino Key and fights Aiyon. Black uses the Snooze Key. He makes Blue go to sleep. 

Solon works on Ollie in the base. Pink and Red fight Void King, Sizzuari, and Boomblaster. Sizzuari becomes huge and the zords are called. Pink stays with Void King and Boomblaster. The Megazord fights Sizzuari. Pink dons a key sleeve and fights Void King. He kicks her butt. Boomblaster teleports away for Zedd. Void King leaves and Amelia joins Zayto. Aiyon uses Ptera Freeze Megazord and goes with the other Rangers. They attack the monster and he freezes. They call the Mega Fury Saber and destroy Sizzuari... Or they thought. He survives and teleports away. Back at the base, Mucus fans Void Queen. Void King enters. They wonder where Lord Zedd is. Void Queen breaks the fan. Back at the base, Solon says Ollie is back to normal but needs a jolt to wake up. Izzy convinces them to get buckets of water. Amelia sits next to him. Amelia tells Ollie she really likes him. He wakes up. They almost kiss when the others arrive. Ollie asks if they defeated Lord Zedd. He says he knows his plan. Zayto sees it--with two parts of Raftkon message. Scrozzle uses it. The planet survived and they have coordinates. 

Episode Review:
This is one of the better episodes. It has heart and it is smart. Only problem is too many villains to keep track of. But that comes par the course with Lord Zedd. 

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