Saturday, October 10, 2009

Power Rangers RPM Polls Round One

Do You Care if RPM has no Battlizer, Teamup and/or more New Rangers?
130 people voted.
Yes I do -- 56 out of 130, 43%
No I Don't -- 34 out of 130, 26%
I Don't Care -- 15 out of 130, 11%--is different from No I don't, because it is that you don't care all together.
Either Way is Fine -- 25 out of 130, 19%

If you could pick one from RPM, which one would you had rahter had if they had the budget to supply them?
132 voted.
Battlizer for Scott -- 19 out of 132, 14%
Teamup with Jungle Fury -- 87 out of 132, 65%
More Rangers -- 26 out of 132, 19%

Do you think Dr. K and Ziggy are going to Get Together?
158 voted.
Yes -- 78 out of 158, 49%
No -- 33 out of 158, 20%
Maybe -- 47 out of 158 29%

Which couple are you rooting for the most?
Less voted, 106 votes only.
Dillon and Summer -- 50 out of 106, 47%
Flynn and Gema -- 18 out of 106, 16%
Ziggy and Dr. K -- 38 out of 106, 35%

Do you believe a girl should have gotten a Battlizer?
Yes -- 70 out of 91, 76%
No -- 21 out of 91, 24%


gAb said...

Hi. I just thought of a nice topic that you could possibly blog about. It's regarding about the common areas that super sentai usually have their fights. I've noticed a few series using the same venue. Keep up the good posts for power rangers/super sentai/kamen Rider!

Mark said...

I find it ironic that the season that Power Rangers DIDN'T use, Shinkenger, actually had a female power-up, even if it was shared.

As for all of this female Red Ranger, Female Sixth Ranger stuff, I just keep thinking about Reds and Sixes from other children's shows. Like in Rescue Force, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and Kamen Rider had female Reds, and Digimon had a female "sixth ranger"(Kari/Hikari), even though she was the eighth.

Lavender Ranger said...

gAb, great idea! I'll do it but just gotta find pictures. E-mail me if you have some.