Friday, March 12, 2010

Shades of Pink

It has been in high debate over the years on how the pink zords have not exactly been completely pink. Almost all pink zords have had some coverage of white. Decided to cover it.

Let's start with Super Sentai. Mecha (how Super Sentai fans refer to the zords) in the early days didn't start with pink--even though there has been a Pink Ranger since the beginning of Super Sentai, the mecha were mostly red, blue, white, black and silver. The first pink mecha ever was Mask Pink's helicopter in Maskman (1987). It scatter pink stripes around it, which is not bad. Later, the Turbo Pink's Wagon in Turboranger (1989) was all white with one single pink stripe. Jet Swan of Jetman (1991), which belonged to White Swan, which had to just be white, had some pink ascents. White Swan did have pink in her suit. The most famous and known mecha is the Pteradon/Pterdactyl Zord of Zyuranger (1992) and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It is mostly red in the belly, some pink accents on top and on the face. Star Phoenix / Firebird Thunderzord is the only mecha belonging to a Pink Ranger that is one complete color--a pink, but not pink we know. It is red-ish but not as red as the Dragon in Dairanger (1993).

The Crane Zord was white, but with some pink, it is the only mecha of Ninja White in Kakuranger (1994) to have some pink. Moa Loader of Ohranger (1995) / Zeo Zord has pink stripes but was completely blue. Pink Blocker / Pink Super Zeo Zord had the majority pink, including the head. Pink Vehicle of Carranger (1996) / Wind Chaser of Turbo was mostly white, with pink stripe on each side. Rescue Fighter / Wind Rescue was mostly white, with some pink, mostly in the head and chest and stripes. Tank Voyager of Megaranger (1997) and Power Rangers in Space, I forgot to post the picture! It has a pink stripe, mostly white and black. Gingat of Gingaman (1998) / Wild Cat Lost Galaxy Zord was silver with pink stripes. Pink Aider of GoGoFive (1999) / MedRescue Five of Lightspeed Rescue was completely white with one pink stripe. Go Liner 5 / Rail Rescue 5 is completely black with pink stripe. Pink Mars 5 / Pink Omega Zord was silver with pink ascents. The Timeranger mecha/Time Force Zord had one bit of pink over silver.

And finally, last but not least. Patsigner of Dekaranger (2004) / Delta Runner 5 of SPD was white with pink on the bottom. Patwinger 5 / SWAT Flyer 5 was white, silver, and black with pink on the back. MagiFairy of Magiranger (2005) / Sprite Titan of Mystic Force was much pink as the other ones in the team with their colors. But it was the smallest. GouGou Diver of Boukenger (2006) / Sub Diver of Operation Overdrive was all white with pink on the top and a stripe around the back. Kami Origami of Shinkenger (2009) is basically silver and black with just the pink Wind symbol. The Phoenix Hedder of Goseiger (2010) is mostly white with bit of pink, mostly on the head.

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Probably the toy makers think boys don't want pink in their toys, since they buy the whole megazord because most Americans believe pink is for girls only.


Mugen said...

There is no pic of Crane Zord/God Kark...
also, would it count that Gingat is mostly pink in her normal form?

Mark said...

It should be noted that Pink's Super Zeo Zord became a part of the feet and was not shown much on the actual Megazord.