Friday, March 19, 2010

Upcoming Den-O Triology rears another Kamen RIder

UPDATED 4/1/10 with more pics.

There will be three upcoming new Kamen Rider Den-O Movies...

Episode Red is Kamen Rider Zeronos's chapter, and Yuichi Nakamura reprises his role for the film. It is to be in theaters starting May 22, 2010.

Episode Blue is Kamen Rider New Den-O's chapter, and Dori Sakurada reprises his role for the film. Throughout, Kotaro's and Teddy's friendship is tested and strengthened. It is to be in theaters starting June 5, 2010.

Episode Yellow is Kamen Rider Diend's chapter, and Kimito Totani reprises his role for the film. Kamen Rider Diend's Complete Form (above) will also be seen in the film. It is to be in theaters starting June 19, 2010.

Above is Zeronos, New Den-O, original Den-O, Diend, and G Den-O.

Episode Yellow introduces Reiji Kurosaki, who is the brand new police-themed Kamen Rider G Den-O. He is portrayed by Yūta Furukawa. G Den-O uses the captured artificial Imagin Eve in order to transform. The G stands for Gigantes, and he's Ryotaro's son (And thus Kotaro's father).


When I find pictures of Diend in Complete Form, I will post them. I am excited about it too.

It seems to be that he has some random Riders, but they are all actually Movie-exclusive Riders. It looks like it has [Top to Bottom; Left to Right; Top Left: G-4 from Agito (2001), Top-Center Left: Ryuga from Ryuki (2002), Center Right: Orga for 555 (2003), Top Right: Glaive for Blade (2004), Bottom Left: Kabuki from Hibiki (2005), Bottom-Center Left: Caucasus from Kabuto (2006), Bottom-Center Right: Arc for Kiva (2008), and Bottom Right: Skull from Double (2010)]. I think the card at the Fans are upset that there is no Den-O movie rider on the cards. I would have wanted KR Femme, KR Larc and KR Kivara there.


RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

I'll go watch the Den O series again.

Anonymous said...

Diend complete form!!! OMG

Anonymous said...

Interesting: Diend has eight cards on his chest. Mabe because he's related to secondary riders and Kuuga didn't have one.