Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evil Mommies and Major Hero Mommies

In honor of Mother's Day, I am covering the evil mothers in both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. Also, some choice good mothers, that were integral to plots. Not covering minor mothers or Commander Baraba's mother, mothers that only appeared in one episode.

Bandora had a son name Kai, he was squished by dinosaurs after playing with dino eggs. She became a witch to get revenge. She loved her son dearly. Soga Machiko played Bandora and played Baraba's mom.

Lami had a son by the end of Zyuranger.

Kou and Akomaru's Mother
Kou and Akomaru's mother was married to Shaddam. She was taken hostage by the baddies. She helped her sons, very loyal to both. She knew the identity of the Dairanger. She was integral in the plot to get Kibaranger back to the good side.

Hysteria / Queen Machina
As a mom, Hysteria was the most devoted and loyal. She helped her son Buldont get a new form. She risked her life for her grandson for god's sake! Machina protected and rooted for her son Sprocket.

Princess Multiwa
She had a son by the end of Ohranger.

Ritsuko Tatsumi
Mother to the GoGoFive, she was absent for most of the season. I am not gonna mention other minor mothers but she was important to the plot. It was her words that always ran through their heads and kept them going in the greatest trialsand tribulations of their lives. "The five of you are one family. When you forget your power, no matter what happens, I believe in you. And, my wonderful children, believe in your father. Family is to believe in each other."

Miyuki (Magi Mother) / Udonna (White Ranger)
Both strong mothers, both had to loose and then regain their husbands. Miyuki had five children and Udonna had one son. They were devoted mothers. Miyuki had to leave her two girls and three sons, presumed dead. Udonna had no idea the man she chose to be the Red Ranger was her own son.

Necrolai 'Niki'
Necrolai was the Queen of the Vampires and mother to LeeLee. Thanks to her daughter, she gained a human form and got together with Toby and moved to an apartment, to give a proper life to her daughter.

Tell me if I forgot of any other.


Mugen said...

Didn't Kai "playing" with Dino Eggs involve breaking them?

Lavender Ranger said...


Mugen said...

In that case the dinosaur's action was clearly justified. Bandora on the other hand clearly overdid it. If I was Daizyujin, I would have gotten rid of her another, permanent, way in the first place. Daizyujin acts odd at times...