Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20th Anniversary Sixth Ranger teamup?

NOTE: This was done before GokaigerFor those that don't know, for the 0th anniversary there was a special episode in the 10th season "Power Rangers Wild Force" called "Forever Red," which featured 10 Red Rangers. Some fans have made up their own fan fictions of updated teamup of Red Rangers (some that include the Crimson Ranger, hence the poll this week) and other kind of teamups of different colors. But some colors can't be done because they aren't as consistent. The three colors that are used in every Power Ranger team are blue and yellow; pink is the fourth, but not every team has pink (6 teams have no pink). Also, if one team has green, it has no black, except for SPD, RPM and MMPR. Anyhoo, here's my assessment of Sixth Rangers...

Tommy /Green Ranger and White Ranger
He would have to pick one, or maybe use both powers. Have some kind of special item that goes from one mode to another, show off White Ranger first and then Green Ranger for the end. To get JDF would have to deal with scheduling and compromises.

Jason (Gold Ranger)
I think he would want to do it, but again like JDF, they would have to work out scheduling stuff because Austin St. John still teaches and works. Three Sixth Rangers (suit wise).

Phantom Ranger
Even though not considered a sixth warrior in Sentai, he is still consider a Power Ranger and this would be the easiest one to get because he is just a guy in the suit. It would be great to get Alex Dodd back as his voice, but like with Aurico, they can get whoever. Four Sixth Rangers.

Zhane (Silver Ranger)
The actor Justin Nimmo would be hard to get because he no longer acts, he works in homes rent to own with his wife and has kids to raise (which hasn't stopped other former cast members before, but you never know). Five Sixth Rangers.

Mike (Magna Defender)
Might not be considered a Power Ranger by some fans but he does fulfill the spot for Lost Galaxy, he did loose his powers but maybe the original Magna Defender can return to restore his powers. As Russell Lawrence, I don't know what he is up to now so it is iffy. Six Sixth Rangers.

Ryan Mitchell (Titanium Ranger)Rhett is in a band and still acting, but I am sure they would have to figure out the scheduling but he might do it. Seven Sixth Rangers.

Eric Myers (Quantum Ranger) I am sure he might do it because he has gone to both Power Morphicons and he did the Forever Red and he is still acting. Eight Sixth Rangers.

Merrick (Lunar Wolf Ranger)
Don't know what he is up to currently so we don't know. Nine Sixth Rangers.

Cam Watanabe (Green Samurai Ranger)He lives near New Zealand or Australia so location may not be a problem but I don't know what he is up to now or if he would be into it. Ten Sixth Rangers.

Trent Fernandez (White Dino Ranger)
There was no sixth Ranger in Dino Thunder... we only got a power up for Red Ranger (Triassic Ranger)... but they could bring Trent in (don't know what the actor is doing, don't know if he would do it) since, like, he was used along with Lunar Wolf and Green Samurai (PRNS) at Disney World. Eleven Sixth Rangers.

Sam (Omega Ranger)
Easy to do, just in suit. Get some guy for the voice. Twelve Sixth Rangers.

Daggeron (Solaris Knight)
He has done PR for two seasons, so I am sure he would do it again. Thirteen Sixth Rangers.

Tyzonn (Mercury Ranger)
He has done Power Rangers for a couple of seasons, so maybe he might come back and they can say he got his morpher back from Hartford. 14 Sixth Rangers.

RJ (Wolf Ranger) or Dominick (Rhino Ranger)
They could go either way on this, since there was no formal Sixth Ranger in Jungle Fury and I consider the Wolf Ranger and the Rhino Ranger as the fourth and fifth Jungle Fury Rangers. They could pick either one to represent the Sixth Ranger, I think if they had to choose, they would pick Rhino. 15 Sixth Rangers.

Gem (Ranger Gold) and/or Gema (Ranger Silver)
They fill in gaps from absences of Sixth Rangers, they could bring Gema (his sister, who is technically a seventh ranger) too. Having Gema, would at least have one female. Dunno if the actor and/or the actress would do it though. 16 and 17 Sixth Rangers.

Gold Samurai Ranger
Would take some scheduling but I am sure he might do it. 18 Sixth Rangers.

Including 'Gosei Knight' (whatever they will call him) would make 19, not enough for a 20th anniversary. If they celebrate the 20th anniversary with the Goukaiger adaption, then they use whatever sixth ranger they have if they will have one and they'd have 20. If they don't use Rangers from Dino Thunder or Jungle Fury or Ranger Silver, they'd have 16.

Basically they would have 2 Green Rangers, 2 White Rangers, 5 Silver Rangers (PRiS, PRLR, Wild Force, PROO, RPM), 1 Red Ranger, 4 'Gold' Rangers (Zeo, Mystic, RPM, Samurai), 2 Black suit warriors (Phantom & Magna), 1 Silver suit warrior, and if they count White Dino Ranger and Rhino Ranger, then they would have 4 White Rangers.


T.K. said...

Bring back the Tommy clone from Revolutionary War times (Return of the Green Ranger) as the Green Ranger; "real" Tommy as the White Ranger. Problem solved.

Luca said...

These guys are always some of the hottest. (at least by American standards)Not to mention they're the only ones who really matter besides red.

Lavender Ranger said...

tk, I was just thinking that.

diego josé said...

Uh... Where is doggie? He was more of a sixth ranger than sam. Sam was the sixth ranger, but for the b squadl while for the season it was shadow, and that is if you don't count a squad....

So that's 20 without Gosei Green.