Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poll Results: 20th Anniversary Power Rangers 'Once A Ranger'-like Episode Who Would you pick?

Which 1 would you pick from PROO for a 20th anniversary special?
Mac 82 of 210 (39%)
Rose 44 (20%)
Tyzonn 31 (14%)
Will 22 (10%)
Ronny 17 (8%)
Dax 14 (6%)
I voted for Rose.

Which 1 would you pick from Jungle Fury for a 20th anniversary special?
RJ 126 of 236 (53%)
Casey 50 (21%)
Lily 22 (9%)
Theo 15 (6%)
Dominick 23 (9%)

Which 1 would you pick from RPM for a 20th anniversary special?
Dillon 107 of 242 (44%)
Scott 28 (11%)
Ziggy 55 (22%)
Flynn 10 (4%)
Summer 23 (9%)
Gem 10 (4%)
Gema 9 (3%)

Which 1 would you pick from Samurai for a 20th anniversary special?
Jayden 81 of 184 (44%)
Mike 13 (7%)
Kevin 8 (4%)
Emily 19 (10%)
Ava 14 (7%)
Gold 49 (26%)

Which MMPR that hasn't returned (after a long period) would you want to return?
Billy 138 of 276 (50%)
Zack 136 (49%)
Jason 117 (42%)
Kimberly 114 (41%)
Rocky 76 (27%)
Katherine 57 (20%)
Aisha 55 (19%)
I concur.

I don't exactly understand why everyone voted for two Red Rangers, but I would have either Mac of PROO and Gold of RPM or Rose of PROO and Jayden of Samurai.
In a poll in May where you guys voted for which past warriors should be in a 35th anniversary special with the Goukaiger, you guys picked Gosei Knight, Shinken Red, Go-On Silver, and Geki Violet. Interesting how Shinken Red/Red Samurai Ranger and Geki Violet/Violet Wolf Ranger were both selected. Yay purple! And I guess RPM Black was voted for instead of Silver because of the characters.


Unknown said...

I don't know... That looks kind of...wrong. I would pick instead:

Doggie Crugger!

PD: i hope your situation gets better

Luca said...

The only one of these I've watched was RPM. Lets see here..

First of all, we can't separate the twins. For an event like this, Dillon would be too serious and Ziggy would be too funny. That leaves it down to Scott, Flynn, and Summer. As a white male, I'll pick Flynn.