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Gokaiger: Legend Cameos and Unlocking Power Rules

UPDATED 7/19/11 6:30 PM EST
This had omissions because I was in a hurry, now I finished it.
There doesn't seem to be any 'set in stone' rules for 'unlocking' Legendary powers in Super Sentai. Because the 199 Heroes movie seems to be set in between of Episode 16 and 17 and in Episode 17, the Goseiger powers are used and it is stated they received 11 powers and we still get members from teams that the powers were supposedly unlocked.

Episode Three saw our first Sentai alum. Atsushi Hashimoto as Kai Ozu, his sky saint Frajel made a cameo. Kai taught Don about 'Courage' and they gained the Magi Dragon. They saw the MagiRed helmet appear superimposed over Kai. The five Magiranger keys glowed. Episode 4 was a character-development episode.

Episode 5 saw three returning Dekaranger. Doggy Krueger's suit actor and voice actor returned and he was in the majority of the episode. Jasmine/Deka Yellow made a cameo in the beginning and Ban/Deka Red made a cameo at the end. Marvelous saw Deka Red's helmet appear superimposed over Ban. They received the Pat Striker, the five Dekaranger keys glowed and made Deka GokaiOh. Episode 6 was a character-development episode.

In Episode 7 Jan appeared and Master Shafu made a brief cameo in the end. The Gekiranger keys glowed, GekiViolet's key glowed violet for GokaiGreen. Don and Ahim saw GekiRed helmet superimposed over Jan. The GekiBeasts are set to come out of GokaiOh but no new formation will be made as there is no toy. Episode 8 was a character-development episode.

GaoRed's actor Kaneko Noboru appeared in Episode 9 for when the Gokaiger gain GaoLion and form Gao GokaiOh. They saw the GaoRed helmet superimposed over him. Their Gaoranger keys glowed. Episode 10 was a character-development episode.

Gao Black key glowing purple while Gao White glows white of course.

Karou Shiba appeared in Episodes 11 and 12, the first tribute to be two episodes. Their keys glowed and unlocked Shiniken GokaiOh. 13 was a character development.

Episode 14 featured Red Racer of Carranger, the keys didn't glow and there wasn't a 'Gokaioh' special thingy and Navi said the powers were useless. They unlocked the powers by copying the Carranger pose and capturing the hearts of children.

15 & 16 introduced Basco, 17 introduced Gokai Silver, 18 introduced Goujyujin, and 19 introduced Gold Mode. Episode 18 had Mikoto/AbareKiller appeared in a flashback along with in-suit Dragonranger and TimeFire who didn't speak. Gai unlocked the Abaranger, Zyuranger, and Timeranger powers respectively through the AbareKiller, Dragonranger and TimeFire keys inside Goujyujin. Gai did meet all 15 Sixth Heroes in a white space in Episode 19.

Episode 20 had not only GingaRed but Kuro Kishi/Hyuga, he gave his key to Gai, with the powers of Gingaman. The black key glowed Red. In Episode 40, Gai uses the key to make Goukaioh move like the GoTaurus in a attack movement.
Some superimposing we see early and some later in the episode, some the Gokaiger see and some only the audience see. Red Racer played with his.

Hyuga got a superimpose, he's the first non-red hero to get a superimpose.

Episode 21 had Akashi, asking them for their help to get a Precious. When they were in GokaiOh, Marvelous took his BoukenRed key out which glowed and conducted a Gekiranger-esque power (because there's no toy) for GokaiOh, where they got DaiBouken's weapon and its spirit slashed at Ryuuwon. Ep 22 is filler. Even though supposedly they unlocked the powers of Boukenger in the 199 heroes movie, they did a tribute in this episode. Marvelous remembered seeing Akashi with the Bouken Red helmet over him from the movie.

From episodes 3 to 11 followed the pattern of 1 ep of tribute and the next for character development. Then on, it was random. 11 & 12 = tribute, 13 = character, 14 = tribute, 15-19 = 5 eps of no tribute (though powers were unlocked) and then back-to-back tribute with 20 and 21. The 'unlocking' of powers seem to be random, sometimes five keys glow, sometimes one key glows or none glow.

Got from the movie:
11: Goranger (above), JAKQ, Denjiman, Goggle Five, Dynaman, Bioman, Turboranger, Dairanger, Boukenger, Go-onger and Goseiger. The above GorenGokaiOh has no toy form... yet.

We know we are getting GoGoV (Episode 23), Hurricanger (Episodes 25 & 26), Liveman (Episode 30), Jetman (Episode 28), Ohranger (Episode 31), and Go-Onger (toy coming soon) tributes soon, we are just missing Battle Fever J, SunVulcan, Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, Kakuranger, Fiveman, and Megaranger; and it doesn't mean we won't be getting any of the movies once again, judging by Boukenger and Go-Onger. I'm hoping for Dairanger.

UPDATED 7/29/11

I didn't know where to file this and I just decided to add to this post.

Gokaigers seem to change into past heroes one to five times per episode so far. The least being one (Red, Pink and Green became JAKQ in Ep 10) and the most five I think the most (Luka became a bunch in episode 6). But there are plenty of other examples but this is just one example. Most episodes the Gokaiger become more than one team but in some episodes, they just become one team and the other Gokaiger become one of different teams (Green and Yellow have done a lot of this). There was less than 30 suit gender changes they presented in the magazines and Gosei vs. Shinken, but 3 1/2 unannounced officially before (NinjaBlack, AbareKiller, Go-On Wings and MegaSilver).

As of Episode 23, the past heroes that the Gokaiger have changed into a lot are: Gokai Green has become Shinken Green the most (4 times: 1, 12, 16, and 18), Gokai Pink has become Go-On Black the most (4 times: 3, 5, 19 and the 199 heroes movie), Gokai Pink will probably become Go-On Black a 5th time in the upcoming Go-Onger episode (don't know number as of now, will probably be 28 or 29).Gokai Red has become Shinken Red (4 times: 1, 2, 12 and 18). Gokai Yellow hasn't become a hero 4 or 5 times yet, but heroes she has become 3 times are Ginga Yellow, Gao Yellow, Deka Yellow, Magi Yellow, Bouken Yellow, Go-On Yellow and Shinken Yellow. The most changes she has had in one episode was in Episode 6, she had 6 changes (if you count Gokai Yellow herself).Gokai Blue hasn't become a hero 4 or 5 times, but has used a certain key 4 times. The heroes he transformed into 3 times each were: Shinken Blue, Go-On Blue, Gao Blue, and Ginga Blue. Because of his Blue Final Wave attack in Episode 5, he has used the following keys four times: Ginga Blue and Shinken Blue.


Guilherme said...

In the 199 heroes movie, they unlocked 11 new powers or 5 new powers (+ 6 get in the priors episodes(Magi, Deka, Geki, Gao, Shinken and Car), getting a total of 11 power by that time)?

Anonymous said...


excalipoor said...

you forgot abaranger, timeranger, and zyuranger for gai. unless u only count abaranger for the tribute episode.

Anonymous said...

What about Mikoto Nakadai/ Abarekiller in episode 18 ? Wasn't that episode somehow a tribute (of Zyuranger, Timeranger and Abaranger)?

Anonymous said...

Episode 18 had the actor for AbareKiller. Along with the suits for DragonRanger and TimeFire. That was the tribute for Abaranger, Zyuranger and Timeranger.

Douglas said...

i'd find it neat if they did a double tribute where they had two clues at once or it was so vauge they don't know which team to choose from.

Lavender Ranger said...

good idea Douglas, I only see them doing that possibly with Kakuranger and Hurricanger; all others are not that similar. I guess if they said animals, they could get Liveman confused with either Changeman, Jetman or Ohranger but I doubt it. Or Bioman and Flashman, if they do a Bioman ep.

Douglas said...

they could also do one if the clue mentioned T-rex, Triceratop, and Pteranadon so both Aba and Zyu can be in one episode. i'd probably mention Car if that hadden't already been done.

not really sure if this even counts because of Gai getting powers from Abarekiller and Dragonranger unless it was just to unlock his power and not the the actual power for the core five.

Anonymous said...

I think the legendary power is basically the rangers transforming into AKA Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, and Silver in his Gold Form(maybe an upgrade version) and they become the embodiment of all of Sentai..that Final Wave would be EPIC!!

Anonymous said...

The actor who played Gai Yuki (Black Condor) confirmed in his personal website that he will be in Gokaiger for a future Jetman tribute episode.

LadyGaGaiIkari said...


I can't wait for the Jetman tribute episode, I bet there would be a joke about Gokai Silver's name cause he shares it with Black Condor. Although written differently, Gai Yuuki and Gai Ikari are probably gonna be fun to watch since their pretty good characters IMO. I also just finished Jetman last week! :D

Lavender Ranger said...

my response to Gai and Jetman tribute? Yes I know, hope its true!

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping for a Flashman tribute episode, since it was one of the few sentai to show here in Brazil, haha :D

Anonymous said...

Toshihide Wakamatsu (Gai Yuki/Black Condor) is the only Jetman actor who still has an active acting career and he's really proud of his role on Jetman, so it's no surprise he would be offered to come back. Also Toshiki Inoue (Jetman's head writer) will be penning the script, so it's not just a random Gokaiger episode that happens to have Gai in it.

Mugen said...

Personally I hope that means that we can also get Zyuranger and Abaranger Tribute Epis in the Future. Cause I like Dinosaurs.And Pterosaurs! And Non-Mammal Synapsids! And Godzilla! Sorry Mammoth and Smilodon, but you shall be replaced with more fitting creatures...like Stegosaurus and Utahraptor!

Anonymous said...

I could've sworn that there was a Geki Gokaioh toy...

Anonymous said...

Someone on youtube actually tried to do the GekiGokaiOh on youtube. I think it was the american toys but he got it to work.