Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sixth Rangers: Let's Get Shiny!

Dukemon22 may not remember this but he once told me that the reason that most of the Sixth Rangers were silver or gold or metallic colors was for Toei to show off something shiny to sell toys. Come to think about it in a business standpoint, if kids bought the new Sentai toys in February, there would be a lull in May or the summer, so they put something new to get them buying more toys. Here are the shiniest of the Sixth Rangers. The only ones I don't cover here are Time Fire/Quantum Ranger, Abare Killer/White Dino Ranger and Deka Break/Omega Ranger.

Dragon Ranger / Green Ranger
He was green, not that shiny but he had a big shiny gold shield, which is very memorable to fans.

Kiba Ranger / White Ranger
He was white but sure had a lot of gold, the shield, the belt, helmet, cuffs and even his sabre.

King Ranger/Gold Ranger
Come on, we mostly remember him as the 'Gold Ranger' because of all the gold he wore. Toei counts him as a Black Ranger as his name was not 'Gold' in Sentai.

Mega Silver/Silver Ranger
He was the first fully metallic Ranger in Sentai, he was the first and not last of the Silver Rangers.

Titanium Ranger
Bandai America/Saban chose to make their own Ranger without Super Sentai counterpart, they could had chosen any color they wanted (that wasn't the main 5) so it could had been White, Black, Purple, whatever, but they chose Silver-y Titanium. This could support the theory that shiny metallics are the way to go for Sixth Rangers, the majority of them are metallics.

Gao Silver/Lunar Wolf Ranger
Second Silver Ranger in Sentai, he had some dark blue/indigo in his suit but with gold.

Shurikenger/Green Samurai Ranger
He was Green but he definitely had more gold than Dragon Ranger.

Deka Master/Shadow Ranger
Even though he had Black and blue-ish armor, the blue-ish armor was shiny. He's an Extra Hero but there was a lot of toys made of him and he sure is shiny and some people do count him as Sixth.

Magi Shine/Solaris Knight
The shiniest of them all, he had a blue suit but you could barely see it with its gold armor.

Bouken Silver/Mercury Ranger
He was shiny even though he had black, even his blue accents were metallic and shiny.

Go-On Gold and Go-On Silver/Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver
I remember a cousin said they looked like Duracell batteries, because they were shiny.

Shinken Gold/Gold Ranger
Blue was a welcoming change to counterbalance the gold, instead of black. Because now seeing the Gold Mega Ranger in Samurai with black, the black made him look duller than with the blue.

Pretty shiny, we regarded him as a gold-silver-black Extra Hero but he is considered as a Silver Ranger in Sentai.

He coined the phrase 'Let's Get Shiny' for Super Sentai. The 10th truly shiny Sixth Ranger and the seventh Silver Ranger (including DekaBright).


Luca said...

Yes, they're shiny to make the kids happy, but as an almost-adult, I have a fetish for shiny armor that I just can't help. *sigh*

Also, not that I watch Power Rangers or Sentai, but the 6th ranger always comes in way to early in the series and doesn't give us anything to look forward to later on. I mean, come on. It wasn't until like the very end that Wataru got to be Dark Kiva.

Anonymous said...

"Duracell Batteries"

I Laughed so much!

Anonymous said...

Why do people insists that the Titanium Ranger looks like a rejected Turboranger. Aside for "T"-shaped emblem on his chest, I don't see that much of a resemblance. Hell, even the "T" itself is thinner.

Luca said...

Duracell batteries...

Well, the oval shape of Ixa's lenses remind me of some sort of lagomorph (rabbit). I'm not really sure what he's supposed to be. It says he has a robot/christianity motif, but I think he looks more like some kind of paladin/swan/samurai.

Lavender Ranger said...

Anonymous #2, I know right?!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, the megamode for gold doesn't make him look dull in the slighest, in fact the normal suit is just a bland blue and gold (since the only times hes shiny is the morph/henshin and when the suit isn't doing any fighting of the sort), meh, while the megamode is a somewhat matte black with that awesome chrome gold.

Luca said...

Although I've never seen the megamode, I can already say I like it better because frankly, cool colors are boring (unless it's something really dynamic like turquoise). Frankly, if I created my own Sentai, it probably wouldn't have any cool colors in it.