Saturday, October 1, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai - Broken Dreams - Review

"Broken Dreams"
Dayu defies Xandred and he burns up her shamisen Harmonium. Jayden is still caught up on what Deker said about him being dark too. Dayu comes to the surface world and attacks a musician, to repair her instrument when Mia spots her and transforms. Rhinosnorus is sent to make Dayu sleep but makes the musician sleep. The Rangers arrive and Antonio is put to sleep. Dayu and Mia are also put to sleep after they fight in the Forrest. In the dream world, Mia is setting up a fancy table for a meal she cooked and she steps into a dakr cloud where Deker is carrying Dayu in a wedding dress and he is wearing a tuxedo. Jayden uses his symbol power and creates a portal and they jump in through Antonio. 

Mike and Kevin find themselves in a world with old English people with umbrellas. Antonio holds up a Biggest Fish of the year trophy. Bulk comes in a white horse as a Samurai but he stills falls unto Spike. The monster attacks and Blue and Green transform, with the same cartoonish physics of the original Shinkenger episode. Mia sees Dayu's past, as a human she gave him a sword Uramasa and he gave her her guitar. One night their home was on fire and he was dying, a Nighlok came and made a dirty deal with her, making them both into Nighloks--giving up their humanity, but he would forget who he is and who she is. She would live a punsihed life. Nice effects on Deker's transformation by the way and good acting from Lilia . Those that know Shinkenger, they know they changed her backstory extensively. Blue and Green and the monster come to the real world and his victims awaken as they destroy his mist blower.

He escapes. Antonio wakens for his trophy. Jayden is out of energy and Antonio takes him crippled. Big monsters come out and Jayden and Antonio transform and call their Lion and Clawzord. Mia feels for Dayu and wants to help her. She says she doesn't want it and Emily saves Mia. Dayu escapes. Jayden and Antonio walk around like they are drunk and encounter Deker.

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