Saturday, November 12, 2011

199 Heroes: Answers?

 Fans have had a happy week this week, by seeing 199 Heroes movie which has now been available online and it wasn't available as of yet. It has gotten many positive reviews from fans, it is over 84 minutes (Less than a hour and thirty minutes long), this is currently the longest Super Sentai movie. But there are still some questions from fans. These questions: What happened to the other robos?  What happened to Ninjaman? Where is Datas? How was Rio and Mele and other dead warriors were resurrected?

For those who had not seen the movie, the Legend War starts in the beginning after Goseiger fights Zangyack and then the Extra Heroes appear. They also gave up their energy as well as the others. According to the Gokaiger producers, there was more backstory they planned and had no time to do it. Rumors and reports say that the producers said some unknown source brought back the dead warriors to fight. In Episode 28, Gai was brought back to Earth by a god-like entity but could not be seen by anyone else other than the main 5 Gokaiger. In Episode 18, we get a flashback of Mikoto visiting Gai in a dream, so we can't call it a resurrection, I personally take it as his spirit visiting him in a dream. As for the Ninjaman and Datas questions, the producers say that robos fought each other before the Legend War we saw and all the other robos were probably lost. (Episode 40 has shown Ninjaman's jar, so seems he was not in the Legend War!) We saw the spirit of the main robos at the end of the 199 heroes and they weren't the real ones and they were brought to life by the spirit of the people believing in Super Sentai.

 So basically the producers did plan to answer those questions and we can take it as 'canon' that other warriors and robos were lost and couldn't be revived or whatever in time. Datas was not in the 199 movie or even mentioned. As for Rio, Mele, Burai, Naoto, Sara, and the others being revived, I believe it wasn't 'resurrected' forever, it was just a temporary thing. There is also other questions in the Gokaiger world, like how Mikoto and the others were able to make the Gokai Phone and Gokai Silver's powers and is it connected to AkaRed? And is AkaRed dead, isn't he just a spirit of the Red Rangers and not really a person? There are also rumors that Don was a legendary warrior, leading fans to believe he is Aka Red. One theory from fans is that the Zangyack reprogrammed Aka Red into Don, but why make him Don?

My own personal theory is that AkaRed is Don, but not reprogrammed by Zangyack, just by unexplained magic. I am alright with unexplained magic, I think that is also the answer. I remember an interview with an animator involved by the Hayao Miyazaki films, that Americans are not used to magic and need explanations, that Japanese are alright with stories without exposition or explanation. I personally don't think there is no reason to have an explanation to the origin of the GokaiSilver powers, just enjoy the show. Now people might be asking, that they are not concerned about it and why am I? And I say, it could also apply to the other questions left unanswered. 

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