Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monsters gone good - Power Rangers

This was requested by one of my Facebook friends. Not all ugly monsters are evil.
Mr. Ticklesneezer (MMPR Season 1)
Even though just Trini's dream, he was a good-hearted doll Rita got to do what she wanted.

Bookala (MMPR Season 2)
Bookala was an good alien, Aisha made a little toy that was turned evil by Lord Zedd and then was good again and sent back home.

Defector (Zeo)
He tried to trick the Rangers into thinking he was good and left the Machine Empire. Klank then arrived to cause pain to Defector with a remote control. Rocky went to check on him, and he responded by attacking the Rangers. Rocky then went on the attack, and soon afterwards Tommy called on the Defender Wheel. So he wasn't really good, it was all a trick. He didn't survive.

Visceron (Turbo)
Dimitria's ally from Inquiris was deformed and brainwashed into Divatox's servant by Porto's transformation spray. Divatox then used him to plant a detonator at the KAGV Radio Studio. He was reverted back to normal when the detonator blew up in his hand during battle. He was revived shortly after that to deliver his message to Dimitria. 

 Waspicable (In Space)
A sweet-natured monster bullied by Sting King to be evil and as much as he tried he couldn't. He befriended Cassie and she felt compassion for the monster after realizing she hurt his feelings. When forced to destroy Cassie, Waspicable shot a Quantron beside her. Waspicable loved flowers and returned balloons to a little girl. He survived. He was a re-paint of a monster costume used for Season 1 of MMPR (Grumble Bee?).

  Seymour (In Space)
Seymour was a cute little Anglefish-like alien from Tirna that ran away from his master Jakarak and was saved by Andros. Andros told Seymour to scurry away but he stowawayed on the Astro Megaship. Seymour had an insatiable hunger and eventually grew to an adult form. After confronting his former master, Seymour was teleported to Tirna and met a cute female alien. 

 Loyax (Lost Galaxy)
Loyax revealed he once was good but was corrupted by evil. He refused her offer to be good again and was Deviot controlled Loyax with a device. Deviot exploded Loyax when he had the Galaxy Megazord tried to remove the device. He was destroyed and Maya put his sword in the sand in remembrance.  Villamax regarded Loyax a honorable legend and Loyax had lived his whole life as a cunning and mighty warrior, but now his strength began to fade.

Notacon (Time Force)
 Ransik releases a peaceful mutant who was only in jail for petty theft. Notacon refuses to fight the Rangers for him. Trip befriends him and discovers that removing the controller could be fatal to Notacon. The controller on Notacon's head is finally activated, and he begins attacking the Rangers. Frax make shim bigger and Trip plans to use the Electro Booster to blast the controller off of Notacon's head but Frax prevents him. Eric blasts Frax off Trip and Trip gets the shot and Notacon is voluntarily frozen.

 Dash (Time Force)
 Dash and Lucas were friendly rival race car drivers. Dash was imprisoned after his reckless driving hurt people. Dash and Lucas challenge each other to a race, Dash thinks twice about his behavior, but Nadira won't accept her driver's change of heart, so she zaps him, and gives him armor that also controls his actions. The Rangers blast off Dash's armor. Dash comes to his senses, and lets the Rangers take him in.

Katana (SPD)
Katana is an alien whose ship crashed in Kyoto Japan many years ago. He was found by a samurai and trained to protect it from invaders. He is brought to the future through a time portal by Emperor Gruumm and is startled by the changes. Broodwing convinces him that the Power Rangers are his enemies, but he battles the Red Ranger and decides that he is an honorable fighter. Katana decides to return to the past through another time portal.

Matoombo (Mystic Force)
Matoombo was chosen to unleash the Master's wrath, he saved a young boy and his ball from an incoming car. Vida challenged him to finish her but he didn't and also destroyed the energy he had gathered. Vida and Matoombo fled to the Sleeping Lake in the Dawn Dimension to sleep forever. As he reached it, he was done in by Sculpin. Vida watched in horror as Matoombo's body was peeled to reveal the Master's ultimate form. He was last seen in the Rock Porium receiving DJ lessons from Vida, presumably revived.

Itassis is a faithful follower of the rules of darkness and won't let anything get in the way of them being followed - even if that means helping the Power Rangers. She questioned the rangers on how it was possible they could defeat them. They responded it was courage, which she ultimately used to defeat Sculpin and help the rangers defeat the Master freeing herself from the puppet's strings.

    Norg (PROO)
His home was invaded by Flurious and is forced, sometimes willingly, to do dirty work for Flurious. He wounded himself and was healed by Tyzonn and Rose. He return the favor by saving Tyzonn's life using a healing ritual after he was wounded by the Fearcats. Norg befriends Tyzonn's fiancee, Vella, who notices his gentle nature. When Flurious completed the Corona Aurora, Flurious instructs his Chillers to dispose of Vella and Norg and this causes Norg to destroy all the Chillers left behind. He then reunited Vella and Tyzonn and now under the care of the Hartfords.


Nerdy Writer said...

i like it when they do a monster whos not bad.

Infernowolf87 said...

Lord Zedd transformed the Bookala doll that Aisha made to used as a decoy that was turned into an Evil Bookala. The real Bookala got away.