Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toei: When filming Legend War for Power Rangers 注意 東映株式会社 パワーレンジャー レジェンド大戦

Now that we know that Toei will be shooting the Legend War of Gokaiger (ゴーカイジャー) again for Power Rangers excluding teams before Zyuranger (ジュウレンジャー), I decided to modify this post I did for 'Saban Brands.' I do not know many Japanese or Kanji but I am going to copy and paste some key words. Toei will probably not read this but I just thought I'd do it anyway. I wrote this in simple language to be easy to translate.

Power Rangers: パワーレンジャー
Legend War: レジェンド大戦
Toei: 東映株式会社

In the Gokaiger's  Legacy War, the past 34 Super Sentai (teams) fight foot soldiers of the main villain of the Gokaiger series. They loose their powers in order to back away the villains. Toei said they would not be filming the Pre-Zyuranger teams and I suppose Dairanger will not included either. Here are some things to keep in mind...

1. Excluding Teams
Dairanger was not a Power Rangers team. Only Kiba Ranger was adapted to White Ranger. Kakuranger was indeed the Aquitar Rangers.  忍者戦隊カクレンジャー (Kakuranger) = エイリアンレンジャー (Alien Rangers). キバレンジャー (Kibaranger) = ホワイトレンジャー

2. Additional Rangers
Toei don't forget there are some extra Power Rangers that were not in Sentai.
Titanium Ranger: タイタニアムレンジャー
Phantom Ranger: ファントムレンジャー (VRV Master of Carranger VRVマスター)
Elephant Ranger: エレファントレンジャー
Shark Ranger: シャークレンジャー
Bat Ranger: バットレンジャー

3. Mighty Morphin Powers
The Mighty Morphin Powers themselves were said to be destroyed but we did see them be reused in the episodes"Always a Chance", "Forever Red" and "Once A Ranger." Jason and Rocky were the Red Ranger, but it can be said Jason would be the Red Ranger. Rocky could take the place of a Zeo Ranger. Zack and Adam were the Black Ranger. But it can be said Zack would be the Black Ranger. So Adam could be a Zeo Ranger. Billy is always Blue Ranger and was only the Blue Ranger. Trini and Aisha were the Yellow Rangers,  We can say Trini is Yellow even though her actress Thuy Trang passed away more than a decade ago. Kim and Kat were the Pink Ranger. But it could be said Kim to be the original Pink Ranger and Kat can be a Zeo Ranger.

4. Zeo Powers
Zeo Powers were abandoned and still active as seen in the episode "Forever Red." If Zack takes place of the Black Ranger. Adam can be the Green Ranger for Zeo. If Jason takes spot of Red Ranger, Rocky can be Blue Ranger for Zeo. Tanya can be Yellow Ranger, Kat can be Pink Ranger if it is supposed that Kim was Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger. And even though Jason was the Gold Ranger, the powers are now with Trey. This is assumed in "Countdown to Destruction" finale for "Power Rangers in Space" even though we don't see his face.

5. Space Powers
Andros was Red, Carlos was Black, TJ was Blue, Ashley was Yellow, Cassie was Pink and Zhane was Silver. But Carlos, TJ, Ashley and Cassie were also the Turbo Rangers. Adam, Tommy, Tanya and Kat were Turbo Rangers too but if they are busy being Zeo Rangers, then who are being the Turbo Rangers if the other four will be Space Rangers.

6. Turbo Powers Dilemma
Tommy, Adam, Tanya, and Kat were Turbo Rangers but if they are busy being Zeo Rangers, then they can't be Turbo Rangers. TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie were Turbo Rangers but if TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie are busy being Space Rangers, then they can't be Turbo Rangers. The only Ranger you can have with Turbo Ranger is Justin. Even if you are not using actors and just suits, you have to take this in consideration when shooting a scene that has a lot of past teams and suits. Then you would just have the Blue Turbo Ranger by himself.

Writing loophole: In the episode "Robot Rangers" of Turbo, it had been established that Zordon was making robot duplicates of the Turbo team, namely Justin, Cassie, Carlos, TJ and Ashley. So we can say they are being used.

7. Tommy's Powers
Even if Turbo Rangers and Space Rangers are excused by new members, Power Rangers still limits how many Ranger suits can appear because Tommy has been many Ranger.  Tommy has been five in fact. Only one of them that was used by someone else and can be replaced. Above we see the back of four Rangers, using the terms of Power Rangers: Red Turbo Ranger, Zeo Ranger I Red, Black Dino Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger.

Tommy had five powers: Red Turbo Ranger, Zeo Ranger I Red, Black Dino Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger. Even if they have the helmets on, it wouldn't make sense for them to exist. Above photo is from the episode "Fighting Spirit" of Dino Thunder, where Tommy is in a coma and has to fight his past selves but it was their spirits in a dream realm. So Saban producers, if I had to do it, I would just choose one suit for Tommy. What I was thinking is that Tommy can call upon the powers of his other forms. Or they can say they got Tommys from other timelines or friends in place. My guess is that Toei will just have those five Rangers and then the Saban writers have to come up with excuses for it.

Easy to Use
The following Ranger suits you can't use without a explanation and then there will be fan complaints....

 ドラゴンレンジャー (Dragonranger) = グリーンレンジャー (Green Ranger)
 キバレンジャー (Kibaranger) = ホワイトレンジャー (White Ranger)
オーレッド (Oh Red) = レッドジオレンジャー5 (Zeo Ranger V)
アバレブラック (AbareBlack) = ブラックレンジャー (Black Dino Ranger)



Nicholas said...

I just thought about the Tommy issue. Here's how it can be resolved. It'll be a trick to pull off because we're gonna have to go through timeline issues here.

Green MMPR suit can in fact exist because of Tom Oliver, Tommy's ancestor from the episode that the Green Ranger fought the White Ranger.

White MMPR can be the White Stranger (though I am unsure if he actually used the White Ranger suit in Wild West Rangers, but if he did, this can be accomplished)

Zeo Ranger V Red might not be able to be used unless he doesn't use his Black Dino Thunder suit. If given a choice between the two, I'd prefer seeing him in the Zeo suit again since that's my personal favorite of the Tommy powers (Green MMPR notwithstanding) and the fact that the Zeo Crystals are said to grow stronger over time, meaning Tommy would probably be the strongest Ranger in the battle. That and it wouldn't feel right having a team without a Red Ranger, and Dino Thunder has Conner to lead them.

SunnyC247 said...

For Black Dino Thunder, instead of using Tommy (I prefer Zeo Red), use Anton Mercer, because most of the time he wore black (like Tommy). Also it would be interesting to see him as Ranger, since he was villain (Mesogog), so it would be like Astronema/Karone situation.

Lavender Ranger said...

I think most likely Toei will film all the rangers including green and white rangers and then later the Saban crew will have to come with an reasoning OR no reasoning and fans will be debating it for years like they did for Forever Red and so on.

J-moose said...

I think the thing to do, would be to build robots. They had it in turbo, and Operation Overdrive and it works. They could easily say that Alpha, who we should assume is still active since his Operation Overdrive appearance, could build them along with help from the secondary characters like Ms. Fairweather (LR), Haley (DT), and Andrew Hartford (OO) could easily make this happen. As for the original powers of Mighty Morphin, sacrifice Sentinal Knight to bring them back into existence, have alpha make it so that the robots can use the powers. If not that, get Ninjor to try and restore the original powers. He was the creator of the power coins, why not have him try his hand at it again?

As for what Nicholas said, Time Force could easily go claim the power of the Dragonzord/Dragoncoin in the past. If the coin was brought back into the past for the Tommy Clone to keep, we can probably assume he kept it safe. If he is Tommy's ancestor, (this'll be a longshot) won't Tommy's family be in possession of the coin? Unless he lost it or traded it way, which seem pretty unlikely, he kept the coin and Tommy most likely regained possession of it at some point, which was never talked about.

Another thing to consider is why Time Force and SPD would be in the battle. They would only be there if the enemy was a threat to the timeline. Since they're both future teams, wouldn't they already know about this and warn the past rangers? Seems like this hasn't happened, not that it could up until now, but my thought is that the enemy would come from the RPM world. RPM is, to my understanding, the only series not in the regular timeline. Yes they made a reference to Jungle Fury, but that doesn't mean it's the one run by the JF team.

There was a small hint that Venjix was still alive, but if we don't use him, then make it an invading force from the RPM world. Since Samurai and RPM established that the technology to cross dimensions exists, this invading force could easily take down the RPM team, use Dr.K's technology and cross dimensions. If possible, before the invaders find Dr.K she sends the RPM team back to the Samurai world to tell them what has happened. If Dr.K hasn't destroyed this technology, it could easily be used for cross dimensional warfare, and bring in all the teams successfully.

I'm sure my theory has tons of flaws, but I think it works. Let me know what you guys think.

lionel_B said...

I've imagined this:

Tommy invokes the spirits of former Rangers and he was using the powers the red ranger zeo.
It used to this idea, the Power Rangers In Space invokes the spirits of rangers turbo. After, the old ranger MMPR invoke the spirits of the Ninja Rangers.

without Power rangers Megaforce was at least 18 teams.

shaider84 said...

Can't we just have 5 Tommys? I loved seeing 3 versions of Kenji Ohba in Gokaiger vs Gavan.

Unknown said...

Ok long comment but here ya go
MMPR: Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly, Tommy's clone (wizard of deception), Tommy.
MMAR: Same
Zeo: Same, but Alex (Time Force) as Zeo V
Turbo: Lauren (Samurai) as red, Justin, Aisha as yellow and Karone as Pink, phantom.
Space: Same
Lost Galaxy: Original and original Magna Defender (not mike)
Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force and Ninja storm: Same
Dino Thunder: Connor, Ethan, Kira, Trent and Mike as Black Dino Thunder
SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, RPM, and Samurai: Same.

Unknown said...

Ok, if zordon did make robot versions of the turbo rangers that problem yes is solved, if not, Justin has had time to grow up and make friends and have them be the turbo team, or andros and zhane have an entire planet they can choose from of KO35 for recruits for space, kendrix can come back as lost galaxy pink and karone can take the helm of space pink, yes titanium ranger and phantom ranger were the only american rangers, phantom ranger did appear in the sentai series but wasnt a ranger, i dont know about the three spirit rangers of jungle fury if they were in the sentai series or not, i do know the only ranger the US has added was titanium.
the tommy thing is what i am really going after, best power ranger hands down, he did not want to do dino thunder and it has been said that he did it as a favor to the producer, it was awesome they brought him back and the episode where he fought himself was fantastic (dino thunder episode) this being said, at the end of the dino thunder series he leaves to go and do his own thing, its very simple for them to say he had heard of a way to restore all the former powers and he achieved it since in forever red he was the one to assemble everyone and power rangers seems to keep going back to tommy as the one who gets stuff done always finding new powers, also for the actors who were in multiple teams, hayley from dino thunder can take up a suit, also the kid from the power rangers movie, he said he wanted to be the gold ranger at the end of, tommy can just give him the black dino ranger powers, also wes and eric from time force have an entire squadron of soldiers that they can give morphers to, they have been fighting these monsters also without them, also the thunder and wind ninja academys have students, like at the end of ninja storm, conner (red dino ranger) his twin is attending the wind ranger academy and the other two people fought against the monsters in the final episode as well of ninja storm, they can be given a morpher, also alex from time force, i like that idea, there are so many options that i could go through, its been a long post as it is, the dumbest thing that i think toei could do is use the time force rangers to go back in time and bring the rangers they need to complete each team, just be a short bs way of doing it, i think every team needs to be in this and as a full team, younger fans may not have even heard of the other teams or watched them for that matter
P.S. Tommy should be green, i mean it was his toughest challenege when he was fighting himself in dino thunder, best ranger ever, oh and this shouldnt be a show hidden on tv, it should be a movie, at least 3 hours long, advertise the thing geez!

Unknown said...

This is clearly an old post, and these loopholes have probably already been pointed out to you, so if you can, this will be a repeat.

In Super Megaforce, they have used the Dairanger outfits with the explanation, that the rangers new abilities to become any old ranger, also gives them access to powers never before seen.

The Tommy problem can actually easily be resolved. They've already used Time Force in the Super Megaforce story, making the Silver Megaforce Ranger's zord a revamped Q-Rex. That said, Green and White is the easiest fix, since in MMPR a wizard made a duplicate of Tommy so there were both Green and White Tommy's together. Also in MMPR they had the Wild West Rangers, where they made it clear that ancestors of the rangers that held their same values could in fact harness the powers if granted to them. Therefore The White Stranger, Tommy's ancestor could most likely be given the white power coin just as Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and Billy's ancestors did. So, Time Force can go back and get duplicate Tommy from the Colonial Era to be the MMPR Green, as well as The White Stranger to be MMPR White. (This isn't going to be the case, since they have already shown actual Tommy to be the Green Ranger. However this would be a good way to justify the use of both costumes, while still having Tommy be Zeo Ranger 1, Red. Which just leaves a problem with Dino Force Black. I like what BlazeMaster said, when he stated that that suit/power could be passed off to, the now good, Anton Mercer.

So, actually, the biggest problem is that the Mighty Morphin' powers/morphers were destroyed, and could damage the rangers, even though in Forever Red and Once a Ranger Jason and Adam used them without side effects. So either someone fixed the problem, or Time Force went back before the MMPR destruction of the command center and collected the power coins to save them. Thank you for reading my short book of explanation here.