Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RangerCrew at International Licensing Expo

Fury Diamond of RangerCrew (also Samuraicast.com, RangerCrew blog, RangerCrew forum and RangerCrew twitter) is attending the International Licensing Expo and had an interview with Saban Brands representatives. Here are some highlights...

What Fury Diamond refers to as 'Super Fans,' Saban Brands says there will be a wide variety of events and surprises next year. New info will be coming soon.

Like mentioned yesterday, Ira Mayer tweeted that Saban Brands is acquired the 4Kids Cartoon Block. "This fall, Saban Brands plans to show one to two Power Rangers episodes every Saturday during the 4Kids block." Most likely this will be past seasons.

"Saban Brands will be promoting Power Rangers 20th Anniversary at Comic Con.  Fans that are attending this event will get the opportunity to check out the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce teaser.  The cast members of Power Rangers Super Samurai will make an appearance at the event.  Bandai and Mattel will be promoting Power Rangers Samurai collectibles by showing off the 20th anniversary collectible cars.  Shout! Factory will be selling exclusive copies of the 40-DVD Box Set for attendees. "

Power Morphicon
Fury Diamond was informed by Saban Marketing that they have been working with PMC for a MEGA presence at Power Morphicon. Reportedly the cast members of Power Rangers Samurai will attend the event. "Saban Brands plans to make a few major announcements, including the Power Rangers Megaforce teaser."  Lavender Ranger, Henshin0 and FuryDiamond will be at Power Morphicon.

Saban Brand Press Releases:

Check out RangerCrew's pictures of the Expo at Samuraicast.com

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